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Inclusionary Housing: one year later

A total of 21 projects will add 1,542 units to Portland under the inclusionary zoning policy

Portland area doesn't make Amazon HQ short list

No city in region is among top 20 being considered by Seattle-based company for new headquarters.

Apple says it will put more money into Central Oregon data…

The Cupertino, Calif., computer giant announced Wednesday, Jan. 17, that it would 'build on its commitment to support the American economy and its…

December's strong job report shows return to 'robust growth'

The average unemployment rate for 2017 was 4 percent, Oregon's lowest annual average unemployment rate since records began in 1976.

Little Big Burger coming to Lake Oswego

Chain's latest storefront is expected to open in Oswego Towne Square sometime in the first half of 2018

Resistance is futile

PBA breakfast event showcases ECONorthwest report that says automation is going to potentially disrupt nearly 50 percent of the jobs in the Portland…


This week features Heartline, 80 N.E. 14th Ave. and new renderings from Zidell Yards

DOWN TO BUSINESS: Finding government contracting…

Each entity explains on their procurement web page how to register with their bidding system, and the majority of formal procurements are advertised…

TRIP takes a bow after cleanup

Troutdale Reynolds industrial park awarded for change into major regional employer.

Lyft adds $35 million to Portland's economy during 2017

In side hustle city (AKA Portland), 20 percent of Lyft drivers own their own business

U.S. ECONOMY: A lot of unknown unknowns

During his annual presentation to the Portland Business Alliance, economist John Mitchell says the economy is progressing toward uncharted territory

Groundbreaking affordable condos

Nonprofit NUHECDC is developing affordable condos for homeownership alongside a training program for recently released offenders

The Windward reveals pricing info

Downtown Lake Oswego apartments will be available in studio and 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom configurations and rent for $1,648-$6,917 a month


This week features Station Place Lot 5, Vista Pearl and the Multnomah County Courthouse

Apprentices needed in tech world

Washington State's Apprenti program is live in Oregon, with plans to expand into Portland.


GPI is growing small businesses globally, with a view to making exports carry the Portland flag overseas.

San Diego firm acquires Slabtown apartments

SENTRE buys The Thornton in Slabtown for $25.5 million, plans $1 million renovation

It's the start of a new era for recycling in Oregon

Opinion: Recently, it feels almost like we have taken a step back in time because we're no longer able to recycle certain plastics

Cornelius City Council approves model homes in development…

Regulations address how many such units are allowable, how parking should be designated and more.

Design & Development

Slabtown's Q21 might be a catalyst for the new Conway Masterplan district, with architectural expression, sustainability and vibrant livability.

Las Vegas Arrivals

Oregon firms hit the Consumer Electronics Show next week to show off their wares: high-end, backend electronics, media offerings and pitches for…

Hillsboro's Premier Jets to move to Scappoose

The company will receive up to five years of tax breaks for moving and paying above-average wages.

PGE ranks 1 in business customer satisfaction

In the West, PGE tops other large utilities in the 19th annual study released by JD Power and Associates

POP's container shuttle opens

Port announces new rail service for containers from T6 to Seattle and Tacoma.

RARR Sportswear: From China with love

New Portland couple work their expertise in Chinese language and manufacturing to produce hot Pacific Northwest brand.

North Clackamas School District breaks ground on bond…

Nearly $15 million of the $433 million capital construction bond funding will go to Lot Whitcomb Elementary

City approves 31 townhomes for Ironcrest development

First phase of development places 31 townhomes off a private drive connecting to Northeast Fifth Street.

Facebook announces two new buildings

The company purchased 240 acres from Crook County for $5.4 million, construction begins this month

Ribbon cutting ceremony moves Newberg-Dundee bypass closer…

Gov. Kate Brown announces Monday the opening date of the thoroughfare will be in early January

2017: Good times, but...

Portland-area thought leaders reflect on 2017's strengths and weaknesses, and most are good problems to have.

Nike scores high on LGBT inclusion

Human Rights Campaign assesses Fortune 500 companies, for fully-inclusive nondiscrimination; equitable benefits; structure for LGBT inclusion; and…

Bullseye Glass settles issue of 'dirty rainwater'

The rainwater stays on the Bullseye Glass site; now it will be cleaner rainwater

Forecast: State revenue growing more than expected - for now

In the long term, revenues are expected to slow as the state's population ages and people retire.

Senior living home settles in Rockwood

Alliance Senior Living plans two-story, 52-bed facility for memory and residential assisted care.

City approves 31 townhomes for Ironcrest development

Lack of parking, not open space, has residents frustrated off Northeast Fifth Street.

Portland is doing better

Portland Business Alliance boss Jim Mark on what his group has done to help the homeless in 2017.

Area merchants report lively holiday shopping

Shops in East Multnomah County go extra mile to share experience not found online.

Biz news quiz 2017: So, so much winning

What do you remember of 2017? Take the Biz Trib Biz Quiz and see if you learned any lessons from the Year of Disruption.

Construction market: home values and construction costs…

Portland area is rated 16th in national study of home value to construction cost ratio.

OneApp to serve them all

Rebranded app for making rental applications easier gets lift from local city agency.

Kennedy Wilson acquires Savier StreetFlats for $60…

Beverly Hills-based global real estate company invests in Portland again, its third significant purchase in the Portland region this season

LLOYD CENTER: Renewal is in the garage

Lloyd Center's recent and upcoming renovations are necessary but ultimately small steps

Armed with data, Gresham takes on housing issues

Rockwood report expected to shape city policies going forward at Gresham City Hall.

Empty shops cause concern in downtown Lake Oswego

Are rash of closings part of a downward trend, or just the result of typical turnover?

Business Influencer: Dave Scranton, senior…

City electrical inspectors implement new systems to make sure every home is up to code

Bypass prepares to open in December

ODOT officials says traffic pattern monitoring will beginimmediately after the new highway is opened to the public

The state of Oregon's construction industry

Recent study ranks Oregon 43rd in nation's top construction business climates

December focus: To toll, or not to toll?

Transportation professionals weigh in on how congestion pricing may impact trucking industry

Two chains: Blockchain supply chain

The technology behind Bitcoin could speed up and cheapen industry sectors including freight logistics and supply chain management

Downtown clean and safe - moving the needle

Annual Clean & Safe report documents increase in concern about cleanliness, however.

Owe back taxes to the IRS?

Deal with it before it gets out of control. The IRS wants to work with you, and you may even get a discount.

Wizer to Windward: almost done

Work continues inside and out at The Windward, a new mixed-use development in downtown Lake Oswego

Design & Development

This week features the Pearl's waterfront, the Canopy by Hilton and the Worldmark by Wyndham

Multnomah County Health Headquarters celebrates…

Last beam signed, flown into place in Old Town Chinatown by JE Dunn Construction

Construction looks bubbly

Underlying problems with the U.S. economy could see construction market falter as soon as a year, ABC chief economist says

Migration Brewing opening Gresham brewpub

Brewpub to open at 18188 N.E. Wilkes Road just south of Interstate 84 by summer 2018.

Home Builders celebrate a great year

Awards and announcement of new board of directors all part of the annual Builders Ball

A year in review with Westside Economic Alliance

Housing and transportation were huge issues in 2017 in Washington County, and the WEA was there in the thick of things.

Updating St. Mary's Cathedral

The iconic cathedral in the Alphabet District has big plans to renovate its community hall

Southeast Division Corridor: big plans for buses

TriMet hits its 30 percent design milestone on the Division Transit Project.

Oregon Leadership Summit 2017: jobs and robots

The Bald Futurist speaks and the robots may not be far away, as automation gets smart and humans lag in education.

Drones bring the eye in sky to construction sites

Drone surveillance now means the ability to check materials and build maps of construction sites, not just spot thieves

Design & Development

This week we feature the Redwood Apartments in the Alphabet District and 1475 S.E. 14th Avenue

KCRB: A day in the life of the excavator

Knight Cancer center grows daily, thanks to subs like McDonald who moved toxic earth to make way for the precision medicine mecca.

Scott Edwards Architecture designs for Rose Villa…

The firm is designing two new pocket neighborhoods on the senior living campus.

Oregon Business Tax Changes for 2018

End of the year is time to go over business tax compliance and plan for the coming changes as best you can.

Survey: Downtown businesses, employment, wages…

Annual Clean & Safe report documents increase in concern about cleanliness, however.

Kershaw Knives, Walmart celebrate partnership at…

Officials credited more than $7.5 million Kai USA has invested in its Tualatin facility to new demand.

PAM opens the glass door a little more

Museum extension on the brink as public pushes for bike and pet access through new common area.

Character building, just off Burnside

Hinge seeks to take animated characters to the factory, the school and the doctor's office, and maybe even to your all-seeing phone.

Clackamas board OKs revenue bonds

Proceeds will benefit Rose Villa, Willamette View, both on SE River Road outside Milwaukie; senior residents of developments, not county taxpayers,…

Oregon: The robots are coming, for real

Report: State's jobs vulnerable to automation, especially in food, retail and manufacturing.

Timbers build new foundation

Underground work has started on the new east side stand, which will take shape in June 2018, open in 2019.

Prosper Portland grants $1.7 million to 5 areas

The five urban renewal areas around the city will each receive community livability grants

Design & Development

This week features 2880 S.E. Division St., Providence Park Stadium's expansion and the Broadstone Pearl

Freewheeling at the Broadway Bridge

Broadway Bridge is largest bascule bridge in the world to still use the Rall wheel engineering

Listen: Animation and infrastructure

Reporters Joseph Gallivan and Jules Rogers talk about Hinge's place in Portland's creative tech maker community, and about the Broadway Bridge…

Let's work together to address livability issues

Homelessness issues won't be solved overnight, but livability challenges must be dealt with so that community standards are upheld.

Oregon receives a 'C' grade from local small…

Some owners chalk it up to competition, some say rules are confusing and finding labor is hard

New study shows best places to work for LGBTQ…

Six Oregon companies earned 100 percent scores including Nike, Adidas, PGE, Cambia Health, Standard Insurance and Stoel Rives

OMIC gets into gear

New hire Chris Holden joins team to get the curriculum straight for apprentices and to get manufacturers interested in taking them

Women-owned business: tough competition

State of Oregon ranks 40th in growth and number of women-owned firms over past 20 years

No envy for NV

The new Pearl District structure is a rare miss for Portland's biggest architecture firm

After emotional intelligence: Gender intelligence

Author says workplace sexism can be combated by the 60 percent of males who want to do the right thing but need pointers.

Try a larger size

Adidas to expand NoPo campus, almost doubling headcount as shoe sales soar and hiring keeps pace.

Local architecture firm ZGF wins awards for…

ZGF Architects won four awards this autumn for sustainability and global excellence


This week features 250 Taylor, 905 N.W. 17th Ave. and two of the Con-way Blocks

Cyberattacks are on the rise

PBA panel discusses the continuing threats to cybersecurity. Federal agnet agrees times are dangerous.

Amazon locks it up

Internet shopping giant offers customers a way to get their packages delivered securely.

November focus:Architecture's global vision

International projects provide perspective, lessons learned for Portland design firms

Tim Boyle Biz Influencer

Long time business leader speaks up against Trump's America First outlook, using the lectern and the phone.

Wells Fargo sells downtown Portland tower, the…

The banking company also has plans to open 900-employee call center in Hillsboro

Portland General Electric: smart grid investments

PGE proposes five new energy storage projects that will help integrate clean, variable energy

Investing in women: The new economy

Local real estate investor Karlin Conklin of IMG Northwest reflects on 2017 as the Year of Financial Feminism

Social Security: What you need to know now and down…

Social security won't go bust, but it may start to shrink as it ages around the year 2034.

H is for Hyperloop

Architect's master plan for the Northwest Portland's Broadway Corridor/Old Post Office site includes two towers connected by a tropical botanical…

Design & Development

This week features the RFQ for the Broadway Corridor Development, Derby NW and 19th and Quimby

Silicon Valley business leader offers advice on…

Westside Economic Alliance audience told that a unified effort is needed over the long term; 'our housing challenges are not going to be addressed in…

Signing off

When a building is complete, architects are still on call to fix any little problem.

Venture Portland invests $43,500 in neighborhood…

Venture Portland awarded $43,517 in funding to 19 fall and winter projects in Portland's neighborhood business districts across the city

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