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Kay Newell, Sunlan Lighting

Here's one happy customer's comment on Sunlan:

"My friends, family and I go to Sunlan Lighting for hard-to-find colors, shapes, and sizes of light bulbs. My hundred-year-old home has some antique fixtures, and my next trip to Sunlan will be for finding flame-shaped bulbs that match that older look."

My answer:

Thank you, you just wrote great ad copy of what we offer. Please come back soon because most of the old-style incandescent bulbs cannot be sold after February of 2023. Our vendors are not allowed to send us stock. The bulbs we have on the shelf is all we can sell. While there are LED replacement bulbs being made, many people do not like the feel or the light. If you like LED bulbs we will have some new copies of the flame styles in the LED bulbs. We still have a few of the old styles in stock. Now is a good time to buy yours and to look at the LED bulbs.

Now just a reminder that most all incandescent and halogen bulbs cannot be sold after February 28th. We still have stock on most Festoons, wedge-based and other popular yard light bulbs. We have the A15 small standard size bulbs in stock. Drop in to see if the bulbs you love are still on the shelves.


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