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Do you know Portland business? Test yourself before you wreck yourself with our 2018 Holiday Biz Quiz.

COINTELEGRAPH - Bitcoin prices in 2018

Bitcoin's in the toilet, the Dow is now a bear, and the national debt is $21.6 trillion — but who cares?

All news is local and if you're not paying attention to Portland's cooking little business scene you're leaving money on the table. Test yourself before you wreck yourself with our 2018 Holiday Biz Quiz. Answers on page 7.

1. At the Greater Portland Tech Challenge, convened by economic development group Greater Portland Inc., which of the following was suggested?

A. Extending the Lake Oswego trolley line to West Linn

B. Smart tents for people experiencing houselessness

C. Facial recognition cameras in streetlights

D. Integrated freeway LED message boards showing times to destination by car, transit and bikeshare

2. Vancouver Waterfront USA opened in September, including which feature?

A. A Lewis & Clark-themed skatepark

B. Clark County's tallest office tower west of Camas

C. A pier shaped like the prow of a ship

D. Two kebab vans and a Dots vending machine

3. How many container ships called at the Port of Portland's Terminal 6 in January 2018?

A. 1

B. 7

C. 23

D. 24

4. ZGF architect Robert Frasca (as in Zimmer Gunsul Frasca) died age 84 on January 3, 2018. Which of the following was not one of his signature designs?

A. Doernbecher Children's Hospital

B. Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

C. Fox Tower

D. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

5. The state minimum wage in the Portland areas will go up to $12.50 on July 1, 2019. (It was $9.25 in 2016.) What is the living wage for one adult in Multnomah County as calculated by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

A. $7.75

B. $11.25

C. $12.75

D. $13.74

6. The first mass timber building in Hillsboro is what?

A. First Tech Federal Credit Union headquarters

B. Intel's artisanal chip fab

C. The Adidas employees store, Nike-troll edition

D. An Airbnb fire lookout

7. Why did Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company open an office with a threat lab in Hillsboro?

A. To be nearer the trans Pacific data pipeline

B. To access the Intel-McAfee-Tektronix talent pool

C. To test viruses in real world scenario

D. The CEO threw a dart at a map of Washington

8. Vacation rental company Vacasa moved its headquarters to the Heartline, a new building at Northwest 13th Avenue and Johnson Street in the Pearl District. Staff perks include:

A. Free weekends in Costa Rica (blackout dates apply)

B. An on-demand free espresso bar in the lobby

C. Management's hourly deskside check-ins by video conference

D. A bocce court that doubles as a dog run

9. New CEO of Voodoo Doughnut, Chris Schultz, came from which pair of corporate behemoths:

A. Starbucks and Mod Pizza

B. Boyd's and KFC

C. Dutch Bros and Blue Star

D. Dunkin' Donuts and In-N-Out Burger

10. Mark Johnson, the CEO Oregon Business and Industry, left the position because of what?

A. Consolidation in the business association field.

B. Standard practice downsizing

C. To spend more time with his family

D. The board objected to his referring to state Rep. "Diego Hernandez and his chain migration homeboys from the hood."

11. Prosper Portland selected as master development partner of the Broadway Corridor a company called Continuum Partners from where?

A. Denver, Colorado

B. Long Island City, New York

C. Boulder, Colorado

D. Seattle, Washington

12. According to research by Portland digital marketing agency eRoi, Gen Z kids (now age nine to 23) are known for what?

A. School shooting readiness

B. Eight second attention span when dealing with social media

C. Disaffection with traditional branding campaigns

D. All of the above

13. Hilton's new Porter hotel at 202 S.W. Jefferson St. features which of the following?

A. Touchless check-in for germaphobes

B. A 1950s lounge act and dinner theater

C. In-room E-sports tournaments

D. An outdoor patio to rival that at the nearby Multnomah County Justice Center

14. Adpearance software company, the anchor tenant at project^'s new Field Office development on Northwest Front Avenue, calls its main product what?

A. Dimple Sum

B. Knows Job

C. Four Eyes

D. Car Port

15. The Technology Association

of Oregon named Stephen Marsh

of Smarsh the winner of the 2018 Sam Blackman Award for industry leadership. Smarsh makes what?

A. Marshmallows

B. Swamp draining equipment

C. Archiving software

D. Cybersecurity suites

16. Which had the biggest influence on BORA Architects' preliminary design for the new Lincoln High School in Goose Hollow?

A. Tanner Creek and 80 feet of unstable infill

B. Required space for Amazon truck turnaround

C. Electric scooter parking

D. The need for a library

17. The Portland International Airport job fair offered work at which one of the following?

A. McDonald's

B. I.C.E.

C. Goodwill Bins, Airport Edition

D. Señor Frog's

18. FEMA mandated that the new Porsche Beaverton building have what feature?

A. A blowout bar

B. A tsunami tower

C. Electric charging stations

D. A water-permeable concrete understory for the 100-year flood by Fanno Creek

19. The City of Hillsboro plans to offer what in 2019?

A. City-owned fiber optic high speed internet

B. Personal concierge service for supplicants at City Hall

C. A universal basic income

D. Hoverboard share for K-8 students

20. Element6 is building a factory in Gresham in 2019, to be fully operational in January 2021 making what?

A. Veggie burgers

B. Disappearing soy-based tattoo ink

C. Airplane parts

D. Synthetic diamonds

21. Developer Walter Bowen and his BPM Real estate group have plans to build what at 936 SW Washington St.?

A. A five-star hotel with office and condos

B. The Portland Culinary Museum

C. A luxury surface parking lot

D. An extension to the Portland Art Museum

22. In spring 2019 the Guild Theater in Director Square will be the new home of what business?

A. Kinokuniya Books

B. A non-binary bridal wear store

C. Powell's Books 3.0

D. Blue Star donuts

23. What is the name of the new 12-story affordable housing block at Northwest Raleigh St. and 14th Ave.?

A. The Vibrant!

B. Orange Tower

C. Vibrant!


24. The Zidell family axed its south waterfront development agreement with Prosper Portland citing what reason?

A. The city "Didn't have the appetite."

B. Barge building is making a comeback

C. Market timing

D. Interference by the Department of Fish & Wildlife

25. On the downtown bus mall, ZGF remodeled the 1915 First National Bank for the expenses app company Expensify. Which key feature did they install?

A. A gentleman's club style social room

B. Floating glass cubes for conference rooms

C. Marble topped café tables

D. All of the above

26. At 12 stories in height, Framework was to be the tallest cross-laminated timber building in the United States. Plans stalled because of what?

A. The materials got caught in a southern Oregon wildfire

B. Tariffs imposed on Canadian timber sent the price of Oregon wood skyrocketing

C. No one could find workers who could install the panels

D. It just didn't pencil out

27. In July, electric scooters came to town offering what?

A. Easy mobility for 15 cents a minute

B. A helmet share system

C. Comfortable night riding

D. Full time jobs

28. Mercy Corp's Community Investment Trust at Plaza 122 (1433-1515 S.E. 82nd Ave. gives investors the chance to what?

A. Own shares in a shopping mall for as little as $50 a year.

B. Work at Dollar Tree

C. Donate to a Kickstarter for a new women's shelter

D. Drive for Lyft

29. The bank Capital One opened what on Southwest Broadway next to Nordstrom?

A. An Amazon returns-only station

B. A public bathroom with an ATM

C. A retail outlet with Capital One financial advisors on hand

D. A Peet's coffee with financial advisors on hand

30. The Knight Cancer Research Building opened in September, half paid for by the state and foundation money, half paid for by Phil and Penny Knight. Which of the following didn't show up for the public ribbon cutting?

A. Peter Courtney, Democratic Senate Majority leader

B. Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon

C. Phil Knight

D. Columbia Sportswear icon Gert Boyle who gave a $100 million individual donation

31. The Knight Cancer Research Building features which notable


A. An Intel computational cluster, a very powerful computer

B. A clean room grade Starbucks

C. Lunch room fridges with theft proof IOT food tagging

D. A four-story high Tetris screen

32. Richard Corsi, the new dean of engineering at Portland State University, is a specialist in what?

A. Transportation network infrastructure planning

B. Indoor air quality

C. The Marshmallow Challenge

D. Outdoor air quality

33. Dovetail workwear for women is known for what?

A. Pockets

B. Built-in cell phone chargers

C. Kevlar reinforced canvas knees

D. Reflective coatings

34. When complete, the Beaverton Public Safety Center will be a

police station. Which of the

following features will it not have?

A. A drive through Dutch Bros.

B. A home for Beaverton's Office of Emergency Management

C. Community meeting space

D. Brazilian hardwood screens

35. The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center opened its R&D space in Scappoose to high school students on Manufacturing Day in October. What are the kids doing in this picture?

A. Testing a virtual reality welding simulator

B. Testing a new puffer machine

C. Competing in the Virtual Marshmallow Challenge

D. Watching Ninja play Fortnite on Twitch

36. Portland-based company The Wild makes what?

A. T-shirts with caps-lock slogans

B. A guided hiking app for middle-aged moms

C. Virtual and augmented reality scenarios for retail design

D. Truffle oil

37. Skylab Architecture designed a home at 2360 N.W. Quimby St. by combining two warehouses and incorporating a roof deck with slide, two skate parks and a recording studio. What is it called?


B. Modera NW



38. Digital agency Roundhouse designed what for champion Fortnite video game player, Ninja?

A. A live streaming gaming studio

B. A Chicago McMansion

C. A 36-button mouse

D. A dorm room at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

39. Electronics recycler Free Geek has expanded dramatically since its origin in 2002. What is its biggest operation?

A. Refurbishing government computers for resale in China

B. Stripping copper wire

C. Refurbishing government computers for resale in the Portland area

D. Running week-long C++ boot camps

40. 2018 began with one bitcoin valued at $14,064. What was it by Dec 14, 2018?

A. $3,222

B. $50,000, as predicted by cryptocurrency portfolio manager Jeet Singh at the World Economic Forum in Davos

C. $1,000,000, as predicted by John McAfee for the end of 2020

D. $9,999


1 — D

2 — C

3 — A

4 — C

5 — D

6 — A

7 — B

8 — B

9 — A

10 — D

11 — A

12 — B

13 — D

14 — C

15 — C

16 — A

17 — A

18 — D

19 — A

20 — D

21 — A

22 — A

23 — C

24 — A

25 — D

26 — D

27 — A

28 — A

29 — D

30 — C

31 — A

32 — B

33 — A

34 — A

35 — A

36 — C

37 — C

38 — A

39 — C

40 — A

How did you score?

16-20 Congratulations, have you considered heading up a local economic development agency?

10-15 Not bad at all. You clearly know your 2035 Comprehensive Plan from your 2030 Challenge.

6-9 Keep up the good work. You don't need an MBA to succeed anyway.

0-5 You again! Why do you keep coming back year after year?

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