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The 2017 season at Beaverton Farmers Market was a success! Because of the loyalty of our valued customers, our 130 vendors enjoyed a bountiful year with sales, smiles, and an appreciation of sharing their goods with their community.

Many notable local chefs held book signings throughout the year including Jen Louis, Martha Holmberg, Diane Morgan, and Ivy Manning which help to enrich our minds and knowledge of cooking.

Local musicians graced our stages throughout the summer months. With bands like Boka Marimba, Sandy Saunders Band, and Beaverton Community Band, our patrons were treated to soulful sounds and upbeat tempos which helps bring us together as a community with a sense of shared experiences.

Market Sprouts activities grew leaps and bounds in 2017. From book readings, to creating corn-husk dolls to making trail mix bars, many young minds were cultivated with activities.

Why does buying local matter?

  • It fosters a sense of community. When you know your farmer, you know what you're eating.
  • Buying from local businesses increases money locally. The local business will in-turn spend locally on a multitude of services and products.
  • People-sized business are less of a strain on lands and services. Because products are produced locally, there is less demand on our roads, sewers, and safety services which could equate to lower taxes and less fossil fuels used.
  • Buying local helps create jobs and opportunities for your community.
  • So THANK YOU, to our community of loyal customers for making our year a success.

    Our 31st year at Beaverton Farmers Market will open Saturday, Feb. 3. Save the date, we will see you there!

    Beaverton Farmers Market

    Southwest Hall Boulevard, between Third and Fifth Streets, Beaverton


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