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While working in Pennsylvania, Zoe Ann Buckley would often bake cheesecakes for her coworkers who loved them. She had always wanted to start a food-related business and when she moved to the Portland area in 2005, it seemed the perfect time to actualize her dream. She researched her business model, opting to sell at local farmers markets and began production in 2006.

"I love, love, love being a vendor at the Beaverton Farmers Market. This is the reason I have never opened a brick and mortar building. At the market, you have the foot traffic and you get to really engage with the customers, not just in terms of sales, but as people and friends," Buckley said.

Buckley specializes in three-inch cheesecakes, with 34 different flavors. At the market, she will bring on average 15 flavors, some relative to the season. Her flavors include chocolates, fruits, tiramisu, pina colada, spiced chai, salted caramel, and even egg nog.

"What makes them special is that I don't cut corners on the ingredients. For instance, with my coconut cream cheese cake, my husband cracks fresh coconut and there are macadamia nuts in the crust," said Buckley who explained that taking the time to real ingredients in her cheesecakes, rather than imitation flavors, makes a difference in the taste of the cheesecake.

"I am very proud of what we do with our cheesecake and I think it's some of the best around. Our cheesecakes are great for your own indulgence," Buckley said.

Beaverton Farmers Market

Southwest Hall Boulevard, between Third and Fifth Streets, Beaverton


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