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The Mushroomery's Blooms

There's much to love about nature's little umbrellas. Mushrooms add unique flavors to any dish.

The Mushroomery began in 2003, when Jennifer Macone, who was working on a mushroom farm in Washington, met Dustin Olsen. Both have a passion for fungi and have been interested in mycology from a young age. Their interests and experience overlap bringing extensive knowledge to their business.

Each Saturday, The Mushroomery sells their extensive bounty of delicious mushrooms at the Beaverton Farmers Market. Blue oysters, king oysters, shiitake, lion's mane, and chestnut mushrooms are all certified organic cultivated. They also sell certified organic wild mushrooms year round that they harvest from the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range Mountains. These include chanterelles, porcini, oysters, boletes, hedgehogs, winter chanterelles, black trumpets, candy caps, morels, lobster, cauliflower, turkey tail, reishi, chicken of the woods, matsutake, shrimp russula, fried chicken mushroom, and truffles harvested from the Willamette Valley.

"With cultivated mushrooms, there is nothing to worry about because ours are grown organically, so there are no chemicals on them. Dustin and I are the only people that harvest the wild mushrooms for The Mushroomery and we are experts in our field. Years ago we carefully learned all of our wild mushrooms through other trained mycologists," said Macone with regards to inedible mushrooms.

Moreover, the pair is diligent about sustainable harvesting; they leave one-third of the mushrooms to spore out and for woodland animals and carry their bounty in containers with small holes so the spores drop onto the forest floor, sparking regrowth.

Stop by The Mushroomery at the Winter Market, opening Feb. 2, where you can learn more about these hearty gems.

Beaverton Farmers Market

Southwest Hall Boulevard, between Third and Fifth Streets, Beaverton


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