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This article brought to you courtesy fo Nate Boyd of The Gym, Forest Grove News-Times Fitenss Expert.

Nate Boyd

Fitness Frustration in February? Not at The Gym!

Has it really been eight weeks since we vowed to be healthier in the New Year? That magnetic pull toward hibernation makes it tough to remain committed to our fitness goals. After weeks of dedication during dreary February, we expect results. Where is our Olympian body? Where is that energy? How many more carrots and crunches?

In reality, it takes about 12 weeks to get results. What?! 12 weeks!

The solution? Focus more on the journey and less on the destination.

You would be farther behind if you hadn't already started. You are making good habits and building a body that you can live with for a long time.

Make sure your workouts focus on quality not quantity. Extensive daily workouts wear on muscles and joints make injuries more likely. Speak with any of the personal trainers at The Gym for a workout tune-up. A personal trainer can help you make the most of your time and help you with a workout that I sright for you.

No self-criticism. Okay, so you watched Netflix and ate pizza instead of heading to The Gym. It happens. Instead of beating yourself up, make a commitment to jump back into your routine tomorrow. Getting fit and healthy can be overwhelming and results take time. It's unrealistic to wake up one morning and have achieved all your goals. Expect to gradually improve. The staff at the Gym is on your side and want you to succeed. Call them today.

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