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A Gallup poll conducted following the tragic, sudden death of Prince in April 2016, shows that the majority of American adults do not have wills. So what? Why should this be of concern to you?

Dying without a will gives over all that you own to the state of your residence to distribute according to that state's laws of intestacy. The result of leaving your affairs to the state to decide how to distribute is often not what you would have preferred. It

can lead to family discord, uncertainty in the lives of those persons closest to you, and significant legal costs for

attorney fees and court proceedings that may substantially

drain what you had intended would benefit persons and / or causes important to you. And all this can take a very long time to come to conclusion before what is left can be distributed.

But it's not only about the parceling out of money and possessions, it is about a sense of certainty in the midst of loss and grief. At a time when a sense of clarity is what is needed most to those who most matter to you, the lack of a will can impose an added burden of confusion and stress.

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