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Even in this modern digital age we still need to tell the time. That is why this holiday, you should consider giving the gift of time, a watch, to a loved one. Instead of digging in a purse for your phone or pulling it out of your pocket, a watch is convenient and readily available right there on your arm. A wristwatch is a stylish, practical and personal gift. Watches today have calculators, calendars, lights, and can track your steps. They are available in digital or analog styles, with or without jewels and can be classic or trendy.

A watch will remind the recipient of you whenever they check the time. A high quality watch will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation. Think about your loved one's tastes and lifestyle. You want them to wear this watch for decades so make sure it isn't too large or they won't like. To make your gift even more special, consider having it engraved, with a date or nickname.

Choose a vintage watch for someone who loves a classic. For a child there are teaching watches with simple analog

faces and waterproof sturdy watches that can survive an 8 year old boy. For a teen perhaps the trendiest style available and there are many different watches with all sorts of bells and whistles for divers to ultra-marathoners.

Whichever watch you choose for a gift, keep it serviced at Abel Watch Repair in Gresham.


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