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Continuing to look at the process involved with creating your comprehensive estate plan, using Confluence Law Center's approach as a model. In the first article of the series, we looked at the Complimentary Consultation, the initial step in the process, for you to learn about estate planning. In our last article, the second in the series, we began to look at the Design session, where the attorney partners with you to develop your ideas and objectives into what becomes your plan and your legacy.

Critical questions to address … Who and what will your estate support? To whom will you look for support if you experience a time when you need help managing your day-to-day affairs? You see, a comprehensive estate plan focuses not only on what happens at your death, but also on what happens during your life time as well. With your attorney's guidance, a plan emerges from your work together.

At the close of the Design session you review together the components and basic structure of your plan, based on your personal objectives, asset mix, state and federal laws, and the tax consequences. In the weeks following that session the attorney will provide you a skeletal rendition of your estate plan components for you to review and confirm. It is an opportunity for you to work together to adjust and revamp the basic elements before drafting the final plan.

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