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This article brought to you courtesy of Tony Kriss of Advanced Firearm Training, Gresham Firearms Expert.

Tony Kriss

Let's try gun collecting.

First off, when looking to start a collection one must make the decision, do you want quantity or quality? Neither is

right or wrong, just some folks like to show off all their guns and others like to show off the 1 of 1000 firearms. When starting a gun collection, some people like a brand such as, Winchester, Remington, Colt, Sears, Kmart, Tikka, Smith and Wesson. Others like an action style: bolt, pump, semiauto, single shot, side by side. Others like blued or stainless steel. The collection is open to the eye of the beholder.

For me, just the other day, I hit the jackpot with a Hamilton

No. 27 single shot 22. Now it's not really worth much, about $150 in great shape, and it is just like new. The rifle was made at the turn of the century (1900,) and sold new for about $1.50, and that's not a typo. Cost to build was 20-30 cents. And often were a giveaway if you sold enough newspapers.

If I was to give a few tips to start a collection, small bore

appreciate much faster than large bore, i.e. 22 vs 35 caliber.

Colleting firearms like AR-15 or ak-47 are great but mostly

will never gain the value like an older Winchester, unless

something drastic changes in the gun laws. I've seen guns jump in value two or three hundred dollars in a year. Plus I have seen some collections jump thousands in a year.

My best overall advice is buy firearms that are less production and of common calibers in a great finish, at a

reasonable price. Come check out all the used guns I have in stock. You might start off in a new direction as far as you're shooting.





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