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Mary Wong, Trios Studio - LAKE OSWEGO JEWELRY INSIDERIn October, I joined a group of around 120 other jewelry industry members from around the globe for the second "Conference for Responsible Jewelry" in Chicago.

We discussed artisanal and small scale mining, illegal mining, stories of people from developing countries doing this work and examples of successful efforts to change conditions.

Many of us in the jewelry industry are extremely concerned about the lack of responsible sourcing, but there is still not enough representation from the broader industry. As consumers, we all have the responsibility to ask our retailers and suppliers if they are sourcing responsibly and to encourage more of it. The choices we make of where to spend our dollars gives us the power to effect change on a grassroots level.

Trios Studio has been doing things "right" since we opened! Our ongoing support of Fair Trade Gems, recycled metals, education and health in mining communities and various efforts to change the ways things are done, has been relentless. We educate everyone that will listen about these topics.

There's no greater gift this holiday season than the gift that comes free of guilt. Trios Studio is highlighting Fair Trade Gems and responsible sourcing all December, including 20 percent off all Fair Trade Gems and jewelry December 1st through 24th.

The store will be open on Mondays in December so you can get all your shopping done. Come by and see us!

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