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LOHS alum releases first novel, first of trilogy. All books have to do with road trips and adventure

COURTESY PHOTOS  - Keith Thye has written three memories of his motorcycle adventures to South America and now his first novel. He grew up in Lake Oswego and graduated from Lake Oswego High.

Former Lake Oswego resident Keith Thye has released his first novel titled "The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke." The book is the first in a trilogy, and Thye's fourth book.

"I have always enjoyed writing," said Thye, explaining that writing is his third career. After graduating from Lake Oswego High in 1960 he served in the military, then spent 18 years in the wholesale grocery business before starting a second career as a motorcycle dealership owner. He is now semi-retired by still owns a motorcycle dealership in Tacoma.

His first three books recount the tales of motorcycle trips taken in 1963 and 2013 with Lake Oswego resident Dave Yaden to then Lake Oswego's sister city Pucon, Chile. The books include "Moto Raid: Two Guys, Two Motorcycles and a Continent to Conquer, a 1963 Adventure Trip to South America," "Ride On: Moto Raid It The Adventure Continues: Motorcycling to South America 50 years Later" and "The Whole Story: Two Trips 50 Years Apart."

"The Misadventure of Rusty Kenneficke" also has to do with a road trip.

"Rusty is a writer who has fallen on hard times," said Thye.

The book notes read:

"Thirty-seven-year-old Rusty Kenneficke has a multilayered problem. He's divorced, living in an apartment in his uncle's rundown backyard, and is essentially a starving author. Sure he's had some minor accomplishments in the past by successfully publishing two of his novels, but neither produced enough sales to continually support his lifestyle. Rusty needs to pen another novel, but this time he has to make the theme so stellar to not only catch the eye of his frazzled and overworked publisher, but to be able to create enough sales that he can comfortably live off the royalties. However his current cramped living quarters is putting a serious hindrance on his ability to feel inspired enough to write anything, let along something worthy enough to become a bestseller. So Rusty does what any sane individual would do in these circumstances: He decides to move out of his apartment, sell his possessions and with the proceeds he purchases a motorhome."

The plan is to travel the open road in hopes that adventure will spark the inspiration to write the novel.

However things quickly go downhill for Rusty in the first of several quagmires he finds himself entangled in, when he accidently fuels his motorhome with the incorrect type of fuel, setting him back monetarily and delaying him three days to get the vehicle fixed.

"From seriously messing up a potential love interest, to hurting his ankle in a diving board accident, Rusty Kenneficke is continually enmeshed in some type of negative incident that is preventing him from positively moving forward on his travels and writing career," the book notes read.

"Misadventures" is the first in a trilogy of books about Rusty Kenneficke; Thye said he knew when he finished writing the first book he needed more space to see what happened to the character.

"Things were coming together for him by the end of the first book," he said. "I had to find out what happened next."

The third book takes place when Rusty is 60 and the reader's take away is that "life can be good no matter how bleak it can seem at certain points of life," said Thye.

Much of the action takes place in Lake Oswego and Portland and readers will recognize familiar spots.

"The second and third books have romance and mystery involved," he said.

"The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke" is available as a hardcover or e-book online at

The second book is in editing now and will be released by the end of 2020. The third book will be released in 2021.

The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke is the first of a trilogy written by Keith Thye.

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