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Readers weigh in on the school board race, the Learning Levy, and more in letters to the editor

Wallin is champion for students

As a student at Lake Oswego High School, I urge every voter in Lake Oswego to cast their vote for John Wallin on May 21!

John has been an invaluable champion for students on the Lake Oswego School Board over the past four years. During his tenure, John has stood by students every step of the way, ensuring that student voices are always represented at the decision table.

Last year, John successfully advocated for adding student representatives to the school board. These new representatives guarantee all LOSD students a powerful and credible voice on the board.

Moreover, I know that John is one of the most approachable and level-headed individuals in our community. Whether it's by email or in person, John is always ready to listen to students and citizens. He approaches every situation with cool logic and an open mind.

As our district continues to weigh important decisions for the future, it is important that we elect leaders who are going to listen to student voices and provide unquestionable receptiveness. Vote for John Wallin on May 21!

Arielle Bloom

Lake Oswego

Wallin: The responsible choice

John Wallin must be reelected to the Lake Oswego School Board. We are at a pivotal point in our district's history; we must move forward to ensure we have a diverse lens and competitive edge. Lake Oswego already had a referendum on the status quo in the last school board election cycle, we must not backslide.

From volunteering in our schools, to his work on the school foundation, and as chairman of the school board that ushered in the first bond measure in 20 years, John has proven that he has the needs of our students at the forefront of every decision he makes.

We need John's continued expertise, clear vision, and focus to put all students at the center of every initiative. Vote for John Wallin, the responsible choice for position 1.

John Wehn


Vote for Kelly Calabria

I support Kelly Calabria as a candidate for the Lake Oswego School Board.

Kelly will bring a dedication and a commitment to the school board that will be surpassed by no one. She has no other agenda than to do what is right by every student. As former school superintendent, Dr. Heather Beck stated so simply and eloquently ... "All means all." These are not just words for Kelly. They are words she lives by.

As a mom, a small business owner, a past member of the City of Lake Oswego Budget Committee, Kelly represents a broad and diverse and inclusive set of people whose voices will be heard. Once again, for Kelly, all means all.

I have known Kelly for several years. She listens, she has an entrepreneurial spirit, an understanding of priorities and her hands-on experience means she will be an outstanding member of the school board.

Kelly's experience, energy and enthusiasm means the school board will be able to better focus on its mission to provide quality education to every student in the district.

I urge everyone to join me in voting for Kelly Calabria for Lake Oswego School Board.

Jeff Gudman

City Council member 2011 - 2018

Parks bond will fund needed improvements

Many thanks to Parks and Recreation for keeping our 50+ residents active and healthy.

When I moved to Lake Oswego to be closer to family, I was impressed with the natural beauty that had been preserved. Being a walker, I was soon on the trails along the Willamette River from George Rogers Park and Tryon Park. Solitude, the sounds of birds, wind in the trees, and the sound of the creek gave me joy. I looked forward to getting outside almost every day for a 3 mile walk.

I see that a Lake Oswego Parks Bond will be coming up for a vote on May 21. This is not a new bond. It is a renewal of the existing park bonds. It will generate $30 million over 20 years at the same rate as is currently assessed. The City will use the funds to improve and expand trails, parks, natural areas, recreational facilities and sports fields. All of these are at risk since the current parks bonds are sunsetting.

For older residents, easy access to pathways, trails and parks, as well as the multitude of exercise classes available from Parks and Recreation enrich their lives and keep them active. Please vote yes on the Parks Bond.

Esther Halvorson-Hill

Co-Chairman of the 50 + Advisory Board

ORESTAR reports are telling

ORESTAR is Oregon's Campaign Finance platform. All candidates for public office must file contributions and expenditures on ORESTAR. Anyone can perform a public search of a candidate and see their Campaign Finance Activity. I invite you to look at the contributions to candidates for school board.

The classified employees' union (OSEA) in Salem has contributed $6,500 to John Wallin. This is the same union that the school board oversees contract negotiations of classified employees. Isn't that a conflict of interest? He's also received money from Patinkin Research Strategies, an out-of-state research firm which the school board hires for projects and presumably will consider for future projects. Isn't that a conflict of interest? His brochures are partly paid for by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW). What are they doing messing in our school board race?

I am saddened to see my hometown school board being taken over by outside groups and partisan politics.

Kelly Calabria's supporters and campaign contributors are grassroots Lake Oswegans — parents, grandparents, local businesses, friends and family. You will not find on her list partisan politicians or union money from Salem. Kelly is an independent thinker not influenced by powerful special interests. Her only special interest are LO kids.

Ignore Salem. Listen to LO parents. Vote for Kelly!

Marilyn Sims

Lake Oswego

Learning Levy would benefit all

Lake Oswego is an idyllic community. The schools here draw people to want to live in Lake Oswego. And there's no denying the ranking of LOSD schools impacts home prices in Lake Oswego. It is the people in our schools who make our schools great. The teachers, the principals, the educational aids, the specialists and of course the students. The higher our schools rank, the more desirable Lake Oswego becomes. As homeowners in this community, many of us are interested (and invested) in seeing home values continue to increase. To do that, we need support from the entire community to further invest in the education of our children, by passing the LO Learning Levy. The LO Learning Levy supplements state funding, providing revenue for the current level of educational programs, teaching positions, and class sizes for the schools in our community. The levy is a way of ensuring local dollars go toward funding Lake Oswego schools. We need everyone in the community to give, even when our kids are grown and gone. Investing in education is good for our community, our students and for housing prices.

Chris Grubb, realtor,

Forest Hills & LOJ Parent

Lake Oswego

Vote for our mom

We think our mom should be a member of the Lake Oswego School Board because she is a strong leader and can make good decisions. An example of her being a good leader is that she always tries hard and is dedicated to doing the right thing for the community. She is a very smart woman and we think she would be a great addition to the board. We think that she would be an exceptional decision maker because she has lots of experience in helping people. In addition, because she is our mom she will have the insight on all of the problems in our schools, and will be able to solve them within the board. This is just a brief telling of why we think that our mom should be elected for school board.

Penny Calabria, 4th grade

Maria Calabria, 6th grade Lake Oswego

SB-1008 would result in better justice for youth

As a native Oregonian, support of Senate Bill 1008 is imperative to the progress of youth today. An egregious amount of youth are unfairly impacted by Measure 11 — passed in 1994 (aka "The Tough on Crime" era), which gives prosecutors the ability to try youth as adults for certain crimes. The measure has not demonstrated to keep Oregon any safer and has actually shown to increase the likelihood an individual would commit crimes again by over 30% once released when convicted under this measure. Carrying an adult criminal conviction hinders the opportunity for employment, housing and other crucial aspects of livelihood in the future. Rehabilitation and education have proven to be far more effective, positive, and impactful methods than incarceration.

As of now, judges don't have the ability to make decisions on youth placement for prosecutions under Measure 11. SB-1008 would give judges back the capability to decide on placement options. Given that judges are closer to understanding the context of the prosecution at that point and it's not a "one-size-fits-all," they should be given the power to decide accordingly. All signs and statistics show we're in need of youth justice reform. Let's set our youth up for success!

Alex Migdol


Calabria has earned community respect

I have been teaching in Lake Oswego since 1989, and both of my children went through our schools with my younger one graduating just last year. I have seen many challenges that our schools have faced over the past thirty years. I am very confident that Kelly Calabria would make an excellent school board member because she has what it takes to take on district challenges by being inclusive and listening to the entire community.

Kelly is a respected member of this community. That didn't just happen overnight. Kelly has deep roots in this community and has earned our respect through her volunteering in schools, service on the City's budget committee, many days spent at the farmers market getting to know her community while selling her delicious and sustainability award-winning Kelly's Jelly. She has even won our city's Distinguished Citizen Award! Look at the list of almost 500 people who have endorsed her including parents, teachers, City Council members and small business owners who proudly display her sign all over town.

With these strong ties to the community, I am confident Kelly will make sure that all voices are heard. Her inclusive and transparent approach will help our district repair its relationship with the community and avoid future divisions.

Debbie Hennessey

Lake Oswego

Calabria has always been a leader

I met Kelly Riordan Calabria when I was 10 years old. We had just moved to Lake Oswego and I was lucky enough to move two houses away from Kelly. She walked me to the Lake Grove Elementary bus stop and was the first to introduce me to the best friends we still have 30 years later. I continued to grow up with Kelly through high school and onto the University of Oregon.

Kelly has always taken on a position of leadership, it's in her blood. Whether it's creating a thriving small business from a family recipe, her real estate success and most importantly raising two amazing girls with her husband, Adam, Kelly sets an example for our Lake Oswego Community and always goes beyond the status quo.

Kelly is dedicated to creating a collaborative and diverse learning environment for our children. As our first child will be entering the Lake Oswego district soon, her education is extremely important to us. We know that Kelly will fight for the highest quality of education, bring creativity, financial acumen and a fresh approach to our district. Voting for Kelly will ensure that our children will have access to a stellar learning experience.

Vote for Kelly and bring a fresh, new perspective to the LO School Board!

Nicole Benson and Sean Brady

Lake Oswego

My very first vote will be for Calabria

I became a United State citizen on March 21, 2019, and I'm happy to say that the very first vote that I cast in this country will be for Kelly Calabria for school board!

Kelly's daughters attend the same schools that my daughters do and our younger daughters are in scouting together. Parents will tell you that Kelly is hard working, thoughtful, inclusive and forward thinking. Whether parents know her from her time leading the MOMS Club, volunteering in the classrooms or selling her sustainability award-winning Kelly's Jelly at the LO Farmers Market, they will all tell you that they respect, admire and trust Kelly Calabria.

Please join me (for my very first vote in a US election), and vote for Kelly Calabria!

Ignore Salem! Listen to LO parents! Vote for Kelly!

Sebi Leverton

Lake Oswego

Community must commit to maintaining schools

Whether you currently send children to our excellent public schools, have fond memories of grown children's past years in our schools, or moved to our community with future plans to send your kids to our schools, one of the foundations of Lake Oswego's appeal to its residents is the excellence of our public school system. This continued educational excellence rests upon our community's sustained commitment to the schools. This May, we have an opportunity to extend this commitment by passing the Learning Levy, an important component of our district's budget that voters have supported since 2000. This essential funding pays for 80 teachers and provides 12 percent of our budget.

This valuable funding will help prepare our students for their futures on multiple levels: it will expand access to STEM programming to ignite passions for science and technology; it will support our students' social and emotional health with additional access to counselors; and it will help ensure that each child has the support they need to become competent readers, an essential foundation for academic success. This May, I hope you will join me in voting YES on the LOSD Learning Levy.

Kristy Cory


Vote no on HB-3063

Did you know that doctors are mandatory reporters? That means that they must report abuse or face losing their license, yet doctors have no mandate to report Vaccine Adverse Event Reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction Systems (VAERS) and usually do not as was the case with my daughter back in 2009 when I reported to my daughters' pediatrician the adverse reaction my daughter had to multiple vaccines given at one time. I didn't even know that VAERS existed, there was no literature given or poster on the wall like there is for patients' rights. Oregon should definitely have a law that mandates anyone approved to give a vaccines should have to hand out literature and have posters posted about VAERS and mandate that every and all Vaccine Adverse Reactions be reported to VAERS as well as Oregon having its own system in place for keeping this vital information, after all since 1986 federal law prohibits anyone hurt or killed by vaccines from seeking damages from vaccine manufactures. Vaccine manufactures have a blank check and zero liability when it comes to this pharmaceutical medical procedure, that's crazy. It's been 33 years and we don't have an inkling about this vital information because no one has to mandatorily report Vaccine Adverse Reactions better known as injuries. No on HB 3063.

Holly Garland


Calabria is a fresh voice

As the parents of two LO graduates, we care deeply about education in our district. Our daughters were fortunate to attend LO schools from K-12 and matriculate on to college. As this next election approaches, we are pleased to support Kelly Calabria for LO School Board. Kelly is a fresh voice, a local candidate and a hands-on involved mom. If you have met Kelly, you can feel how honest and transparent she is. Her listening skills are honed and she truly wants to hear the opinions of all parents and students in our district. As a business woman, she will also be able to make the hard decisions that the school board is often required to make. Join us in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Ed and Penny Shaw

Lake Oswego

Calabria: 'A touch of heat and sweet'

Have you picked up a jar of Kelly's Jelly recently? If not, you are missing out! And if so, you will read the description "the perfect complement" or "a touch of heat and sweet." While this accurately describes the delicious jelly, the same could be said of the company founder, Kelly Calabria. She is a communicator and gets along with everyone. As a school board member, Kelly will collaborate with parents, respect and listen to our professional educators, work with fellow board members and our new superintendent, and do her best to help all students reach successful outcomes.

Although she may be sweet, Kelly is not afraid to turn up the heat and make tough decisions. As a small business owner, and local realtor, she understands the value of a dollar and will prioritize wise spending of our precious dollars.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Sandi Willis

Lake Oswego

District needs Wallin's intelligence

As a former Lake Oswego School Board Chair I endorse John Wallin for School Board.

LOSD needs John's keen intelligence and his deeply analytical skills for the complex issues facing us. John's well known calm and stability are needed now. Continuity in leadership is important also.

John represents the best of community leadership.

Join me in voting for John Wallin.

Deborah Lopardo

Lake Oswego

Wallin: 'A true collaborative partner'

I've had the privilege of knowing John for over a decade, since our children were classmates in kindergarten at Forest Hills, and then again when we both served for six years on the LO Schools Foundation board during the years of the great recession. When school funding was cut and teaching positions were threatened, the members of the board rolled up their sleeves to rally the community to dig deep. As Communications Chair and Vice President, it was John's clear messaging that made the case to our donors, and the response of our community with record donations was inspiring. John is a true collaborative partner who doesn't shy away from the hard work to get things done for our students. I saw it firsthand in those days, and I've seen it continue in his service on the school board. Please join me in proudly voting to reelect John Wallin to the school board.

John Saefke

Lake Oswego

Wallin is dedicated to inclusion, tolerance

I support John Wallin for the Lake Oswego School Board because I believe his experience and knowledge are valuable for the students and the teachers/faculty in this district.

John's dedication to creating an environment which embodies inclusion, tolerance, and equity is in the best interest for the students' well-being in school.

Having had a student in the district for the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to see the collaboration of multiple school boards who have faced tough decisions for this district. I believe John's leadership as an incumbent is needed to ensure continued transparency and accountability within our district. His work on closing the opportunity gap, listening to the needs of families and students, and value for increased student safety makes John Wallin a stand out candidate for this position.

Please be sure to mail your ballot before the deadline May 21, 2019, for John Wallin, Lake Oswego School Board, pos. 1.

Carol Sarnowski

Lake Oswego

John Wallin: Experience matters

John is an experienced leader that has built a foundation of know-how through his time with the school foundation and the past four years serving as an elected school board member. The vitality of our district rests with leaders that have consistently shown commitment and built on ideas through active participation.

Throughout his tenure on the school board John has shown a keen awareness of the needs of our students. From advocating for later start times, to listening to needs of our diverse communities, to working on the search committee to hire our new superintendent, John has the experience to continue to move our district forward. As the district faces a climate of change and growth we need John's leadership to make sure our students and families are represented with facts and the knowledge of how to meet long-term goals.

John has the dedication, experience and leadership serving our school district that our kids and community deserve. Please join me May 21 in casting a vote for experience. Vote John Wallin!

Andrea Salinas, State Representative

Lake Oswego

Calabria has pulse of community

A successful business owner, realtor and mother who has lived and worked here most of her life, Kelly is in touch with the needs of the Lake Oswego community and its members. I have often heard Kelly mention just how much she loves Lake Oswego, and I know she would channel this passion, as well as her capability and attention to detail, into making significant contributions to the school board.

It is admirable just how connected Kelly is to this community, and how widely loved and respected she is. Kelly's defining characteristic is that, without fail, she places the needs of others ahead of herself. Despite her own busy life, Kelly is reliable and never fails to take care of whatever tasks are asked of her, and she does a wonderful job in the process. She also constantly seeks out ways to help and connect with new people.

Kelly is also an incredible mother, and I feel so fortunate to have met her family. Her daughters are well-adjusted and mature, and I know Kelly's experience as a parent will enable her to make appropriate decisions for the future of the Lake Oswego School District and its students.

Nora Kearns

Lake Oswego

For school board, experience matters

This upcoming school board election is important. Experience and track record are top priorities for me because the district has a lot going on right now from the new superintendent to bond measure projects to continuing to improve the educational experience of all students. John Wallin has proved himself to be diligent and open to the community he serves. I have known John personally for several years as I was a coach for his daughter's soccer team. Like John, his daughter is kind, hardworking and a team player. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! However, when it comes to my vote on the school board, I want to make a decision for the person I think will do the best job to move our district forward, not just a friend in the community. What I respect about John and why I am voting for him is because he is not a puppet to one side of an issue. He listens to all points of views and considers them thoughtfully before making his decision. Being a school board member is a huge obligation. They spend hours every week in meetings plus fielding emails and phone calls. We need someone that knows the commitment they are signing up for so we can continue to improve.

Carey Blem

Lake Oswego

Calabria is truly non-partisan

Usually taking a back seat when expressing my views in a "political" race, I am writing my first letter to an editor in support of Kelly Calabria for LO School Board. This is not, and should not be, a political race.

Kelly is truly non-partisan. She has vast experience in the real world as the owner of two businesses in divergent industries. She is unencumbered by any special interest or agenda. She understands the importance and dynamics of working and collaborating within such a vital arena. I have the good fortune of working along her side so I know the approach she takes in difficult situations: bringing strength, reason and calm to every challenge.

She sees the big picture and is not sidetracked by the noisy minority. She listens, studies and articulates an intelligent message, always with the greater good in mind. I cannot image a better representative for our schools.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Lynae Forbes

Lake Oswego

Calabria shows power of parents

Having lived in Lake Oswego for over 25 years, and volunteered extensively as our three daughters progressed through our fine Lake Oswego schools, I have seen the power of local families.

Respect, inclusion and empathy all start at home. Each adult must model good behavior and look for teachable moments with their own children as well as the children in their schools and neighborhoods. Kelly Calabria is someone who starts with fundamentals and will look to care for all our children. She has included her daughters in her volunteer and business efforts so they learn firsthand how to be respectful citizens in our world. She and her husband Adam demonstrate a team effort in caring for their family.

Kelly is an example of the power of parents. Her interests are only those of our students. She is not interested in partisan politics, or leveraging a school board position for a future goal. She simply loves Lake Oswego and wants to help move our schools forward.

Better Together. Each and Every. These slogans could not more perfectly describe Kelly. Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Babs Hamachek

Lake Oswego

John Wallin has earned our community's trust

John has tremendous support from families within LOSD and he knows the major commitment required to lead our district. He has had a couple of children graduate and currently one enrolled in high school so he learns firsthand of the struggles of the students. For the first time in 20 years we have a bond in place to rebuild our schools and John was a key component in achieving this. His transparency and willingness to take action on this important initiative confirms our resolve and trust in his role in LOSD. John not only advocated for school safety and sustainability, but fully supports a successful execution of this process through working with the bond accountability committee.

John has the aptitude to lead on issues like student health and wellness and has shown he does the homework and sees all sides of an issue before casting his vote. Over the past four years John has served as chairman of the board by a unanimous vote, participated in the search committee for our new superintendent, and collaborated with students to make sure they have a voice on the school board.

As we face the major tasks associated with effectively managing our bond and ensuring LOSD students' success, John Wallin has shown he will continue to build the competitiveness and prosperity of LOSD.

Mary Rudinsky

Lake Oswego

John Wallin shares the voice of our students

I have known John since our daughters entered Kindergarten. Throughout the years John has been an advocate for responsible and measured curriculum expansion, ensuring teachers and staff are supported in their roles, and making sure the parents are heard. Our district is known for its excellence and John has been doing the good work to make sure our students are at the center of every vote he casts on the school board.

John has demonstrated his commitment to student health and well-being. He has been a strong voice for student support including access to quality nutrition, mental health support and personalized academic support. John has the experience to ensure our students flourish and he has overwhelming community support and the support of parents in LOSD.

Students need to see actions behind promises, and no one has shown that commitment more than John. Vote for John Wallin May 21!

Jennifer Prager

Lake Oswego

Calabria excels under pressure

It's my honor to write in support of Kelly Calabria for LO School Board. As a fellow female entrepreneur, I was so excited to meet Kelly nine years ago when we first moved to LO. For almost a decade, I have had the pleasure of watching her in action, not only growing and sustaining a successful company but also seeing the way she handles the pressure of being a mom, business owner and active contributor to our community. I know firsthand how hard the juggle can be and not only does she do it, she excels at it. I believe she is able to accomplish so much because not only is Kelly is a very smart business woman, but she is also equipped with important leadership skills such as the ability to listen, bring people together and find creative solutions to problems. As a newcomer to the board, I am confident she will use her experience in business, motherhood and community to move our school district to ahead and ensure quality education for all children, for years to come.

Mindy Lockard

Lake Oswego

For LOSD, change would be a good thing

Dear Fellow Lake Oswego residents,

In my work as a fitness professional, I have helped a wide variety of people work to change behavior in order to achieve better health and fitness. Change is not always easy, but it's often necessary. Those who have an open mind, are willing to listen to new ideas, and persevere even when the process is difficult are, of course, the most successful. Although not a fitness client of mine, I have known Kelly Calabria for six years and have seen her exhibit these qualities. She is receptive to new ideas, has a growth mindset and works to help those around her. She exhibits energy, humility, intelligence and conscience in all her decisions. Change is a good thing. I would love to see new energy on the LO School Board.

Join me in voting for Kelly Calabria. She will be a new fresh voice on the LO school board.

Elizabeth Hills

Lake Oswego

Wallin's quiet leadership is effective

I worked with John Wallin for six years when he served on the School's Foundation Board. His insightful reasoning was particularly important to help close the funding gap between what the district received in state support and what was needed to operate as an outstanding educational district. John worked diligently to help the Foundation reach its goal of $2 million annually. His quiet leadership style proved to be very effective in gaining the confidence of donors and in building the credibility and integrity of the Foundation.

Mary Puskas

Former executive director, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Vote YES on Parks Bond

Through the years, Lake Oswego Parks have shaped many of our family's fondest memories — pushing squealing toddlers on the swings, walking to school along the lush pathways through Waluga Park, family picnics at Foothills Park with bocce ball and bikes, baseball at George Rogers, soccer at Hazelia, our tweens running around with friends at Westlake concerts in the park, Christmas tree lighting and Farmers Market at Millennium Plaza and the list goes on.

This May we'll have the opportunity to renew our parks bond. The current parks bonds are sunsetting, and this renewal represents a generational opportunity to continue investing in the natural assets and recreational opportunities that Lake Oswegans value.

Bonds represent the main source of funding for capital improvement projects to keep our parks alive and well for years to come. Renewing the parks bonds would generate $30 million over 20 years at the same rate as is currently assessed. The city would use the funds for strategic, prioritized investments to improve and expand: sports fields and facilities, recreation facilities, parks, natural areas and trails. Please join me in supporting our treasured parks by VOTING YES on the Parks Bond this May.

Amy Waterbury

Lake Oswego Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Citizens Advisory Board member

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