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Readers weigh in on the school board race, the parks bond and more in letters to the editor

Calabria is a 'connector'

I've known Kelly Calabria for more than a decade; frankly I couldn't dream up a more well-suited person to serve on the Lake Oswego school board.

I'm always amazed by how effortlessly Kelly manages to run a successful business *and* work as a realtor *and* be an involved parent *and* an active community member. I don't quite know how she does it all, but the simple truth is: this woman just gets it done. Period.

In addition to her impressive work ethic, it's Kelly's stellar personality that matters most. She's kind, authentic & inclusive. Kelly is the type of person who really takes the time to get to know others and has a special way of bringing people together — Kelly Calabria is a "connector" who truly cares about building relationships.

The fact that Kelly is a Lake Oswego native with children *currently* attending schools in our district means she not only appreciates this community; it means she's invested in its future.

Hard-working, authentic, kind, inclusive, and LO rooted raising LO students. These are the qualities our school board needs! Please join me in voting for Kelly Calabria.

Hayley Platt

Westridge mom of 2, Lakeridge alum, Class of 1991

Why I Support Parks

As a lifetime resident of Lake Oswego, I have a personal relationship with some of our parks. I played Little League baseball in George Rogers Park, and took tennis lessons there. I wandered in the woods in Hallinan and Freepons Park. In high school, with friends, I ran up the hill to Cooks Butte Park. I practiced golf at our golf course. (I did a few more things in these years, park related, which I won't mention here.)

These simple but pleasant memories remind me that parks are important to the infrastructure of Lake Oswego. We all use them, and we keep positive memories of their use. They help to define our beautiful community as much as our good schools do. They enhance the attractiveness of our community and the value of our homes.

Had we not supported our parks over many years, some of the things which I enjoyed — and families now enjoy, would not have been possible. I'm grateful for the support of previous generations, and think that we current residents have an obligation to do the same. For these reasons, I plan to vote yes for the renewal of our upcoming parks bond.

Donald Mattersdorff

Lake Oswego

Chamber supports School Levy / Parks Bond

The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce strongly endorses the City's $30 million parks bond renewal and Local Option School Levy renewal. As the representative voice of business we understand the importance of spending limited resources wisely. In supporting these two measures, LO is making a critical investment in the education of its youth and the continued vibrancy of our valued parks system — both elements that add immense value to Lake Oswego.

The renewal of the school district's levy is imperative to ensure the district continues to have the funding it has relied on since the levy first passed nearly 20 years ago. These funds support over 80 teaching and other staff positions, ensure reduced class size, promote mental health supports, advance STEM curriculum, and promote school safety. Without the Levy renewal our schools will face a severe budget shortfall.

A strong parks and recreation network helps create vibrancy and serves to bring the community together. But a strong parks system requires citizen investment. Since the current parks bonds, also from about 20 years ago, soon will be fully repaid, this requested renewal is the perfect time to continue to invest in LO's parks — at no increase in the current rate on the old expiring bonds.

When your ballot arrives in the mail please join us in voting YES on the school Local Option Levy and LO Parks Bond renewals.

Bob Martinsson

President of the Board of Directors, Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

A teacher for Wallin

I am a high school U.S. history teacher. I've been teaching for 13 years now. I not only teach the who, what, when and where of U.S. history; I also teach the why. And the why often comes down to social, economic and racial justice. I teach history through this lens because I have a responsibility to help high schoolers become critical thinkers. I think we all have that responsibility.

I know John Wallin shares my concern about justice. I have watched him take strides to help Lake Oswego's educational offerings become more equitable. He understands that this is a goal both inside and outside of the classroom. He understands that learning happens in many places and many ways. We have to support teachers, children, families, staff and our community as a whole for this work to be successful.

So this month, I am voting for John Wallin for school board, and I encourage all of you to do the same if you value equity, holistic education and inclusive schools.

Brady Bennon

Lake Oswego

School board needs new ideas

As the mom of three boys, and the founder of a small business within the education space, our LO schools matter to me. For this reason, I am voting for Kelly Calabria. While I have respect for anyone who volunteers four years to serve our district, we clearly need an infusion of fresh ideas and a new approach. Too many decisions are being made behind closed doors. Too many changes are being made without input from our parent community.

Kelly brings experience and transparency. She is a school mom, small business owner, local realtor and home grown Lake Oswego resident. She has no connections to Salem and no hidden agenda. Most importantly she will listen to others and seek input, before making decisions. Help us trust our school board again. Help us role model collaboration and respect for all, to our students. Vote Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Kati Radziwon

Lake Oswego

Parks help us connect with natural world

There is something that stands out to me about Oregonians: People in Oregon have a strong connection to the natural world around us ... we get that we are part of life on this planet. I believe this is in part because of an Oregon lifestyle that includes a strong emphasis on being outdoors. In Lake Oswego, the Parks and Recreation department gives us this opportunity to connect with nature through a variety of ways as a community and individually. We have sports fields and recreation leagues such as softball and soccer. Parks with playgrounds, and natural areas with trails. As the current bond is about to expire, we have an opportunity to vote in a new bond, at the same tax rate we are currently paying, to continue to maintain the services we are receiving. As more people move into our community, increased infill makes it ever more important to continue in our tradition of strong support for our Parks and Recreation department as it expands to meet the needs of a growing populations as well as to keep up and maintain current facilities. Please join me in voting YES on the upcoming parks bond to renew our commitment to our Oregon values, which contribute to making Lake Oswego the best place to live.

Christy Clark

Lake Oswego

Parks make LO special

The residents of Lake Oswego have an opportunity to renew the parks bond this month, making this a good time to talk about what we cherish the most in our community.

For me, it is the proximity to nature that I enjoy most. I'm grateful to have trails and pathways that keep me safe and yet allow me some access to the natural world. I see so many beautiful old trees and so much wildlife on my weekly run along the Willamette. There I meet a community of people whom I would not meet otherwise: runners (like me), bikers, walkers of all ages, babies and dogs. I also like to play a game: Who responds when I say "Hi!"?

Throughout the years, I have taken great pleasure in visiting and using the different city parks with my children, including Luscher Farm. I have enjoyed all the trails, clean public bathrooms and playground equipment. And last but not the least, as a family, we have enjoyed using the athletic fields and facilities for the different sport my kids have tried.

No doubt about it, LO is a great place to call home. And this why I will vote in favor of renewing the parks bond this month.

Celine Mattersdorff

Lake Oswego

Wallin has strong record on diversity

On Monday, April 29 I attended the Lake Oswego school board candidate forum hosted by LO for Love and Respond to Racism Lake Oswego. Two candidates for Position 1 (Kelly Calabria and John Wallin) were present to share their views on the topic of "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion."

One of those candidates, John Wallin, the incumbent, deserves the community's strong support and vote on the 21st of May. John has been an excellent leader on the school board and a strong voice for prioritizing the district's focus on assuring diversity, equity and inclusion. Since taking a position on the school board he has sought avenues for his own personal development in this area. He attended the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angles with a group of LO leaders, returning to the community with that knowledge and a commitment to working together with other community leaders. His story of how his own personal background and experiences, and his reflection on his own biases, have informed his leadership is impressive and uniquely qualifies him for this position. His continuing and passionate commitment to the goals of diversity equity and inclusion are an asset to Lake Oswego School Board and make him deserving of another term.

Throughout the evening John demonstrated his dedication to assuring that the voices of all students are heard, honored and responded to by those in power. When he was addressing the bravery students show when they bring issues to the forefront he stated about diversity, equity and inclusion, "we have to commit to owning it, living it and believing it."

As Lake Oswego welcomes its new superintendent, Dr. de la Cruz, we need someone of John's knowledge, experience, commitment and passion to work with her to assure its continued commitment to all students in the district.

Edward Bettencourt

Lake Oswego

Wallin a valuable mentor for student reps

Last year, John Wallin co-presented a proposal to fellow members of the school board: to appoint two student representatives. With the board's approval, I was honored to represent LOHS. Since then, John has become a formative mentor of mine, and I would be remiss if I did not wholeheartedly support his candidacy.

John has shown commitment to numerous educational initiatives, including but not limited to: reduced student-teacher ratios, school safety infrastructure, mental health prioritization, equitable practices and STEM developments. As a student, I believe these priorities are critical to establishing a positive learning environment for every Lake Oswego student.

John consistently seeks to translate monetary investment into tangible student success, exhibiting a holistic vision summarized not just on paper, but exemplified when seniors walk across the graduation stage. Additionally, he has dedicated substantial time and effort to support me in my capacity as a new voice on the board. Not only does John seek to incorporate diverse perspectives into board decisions, but he is committed to using his leadership to advocate those perspectives.

Considering his forward-thinking attitude, reliable mentorship and unwavering determination, I can imagine no one more fitting of Position 1 than John Wallin.

Penelope Spurr

Lake Oswego

Wallin is a quiet leader

I have known John Wallin for the past 12 years. We met on the Lake Oswego School Foundation Board. I was president and each month at our board meetings, members would give their input regarding our fundraising campaign. I valued everyone's input, but mostly I valued John Wallin's.

He wasn't the loudest voice in the room. He sat back, listened, then listened more, and when he spoke, everyone else listened, intently. He always had intelligent, thoughtful input that was valued by our whole board. I know he will continue to bring this skill to the school board. John has proven that he cares about our children's educations, the teachers, administrators and classified staff. School board decisions require discernment and listening, two of John's greatest strengths. Please join me in reelecting John Wallin.

Katy Barman

Past president of LO School Foundation Board

All students should be supported like those in LO

Thank you! Thank you to all of you who continue to support our Lake Oswego schools by voting to support the levy and bond measures. Thank you to all of you who donate to the LO Schools Foundation and those who support our local PTOs with volunteering, contributions and donations. It is because of your continued support that the students in Lake Oswego have the necessary resources to ensure their success. Other districts are not as fortunate to have this amazing community support. They rely solely on state funding. It breaks my heart to hear about the impending changes in neighboring districts such as PPS and Beaverton where elementary class sizes will balloon to 38 students in elementary classrooms due to budget shortfalls. Additionally, the lack of state funding means that schools are unable to provide students the necessary additional support they need to be successful. On May 8, the teachers of LOSD, with support from the school board, are trying to help bring awareness to this shortfall in state funding for students.

As a parent, I believe in our district's motto, that All Means All. I believe together we can help ensure schools around the state are provided with the financial resources they need to ensure ALL students in our state receive the best education possible. In the interim, I appreciate the way our community has come together to support students in Lake Oswego. Thank you again for your continued support for the levy, bond, Foundation and PTOs who all work together to help our students.

Brigitte Stacey Dennett

Lake Oswego

The cost has never been greater: Re-elect John Wallin for school board Position 1

This week I had the pleasure of attending the School Board Candidate Forum hosted by LO for Love and Respond to Racism. After hearing from both candidates, John Wallin is unequivocally the best choice for School Board Position 1. During the forum, John was asked to respond to a question about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. John responded by quoting a student from a recent panel that Respond to Racism hosted. The quote was: "Spend your coupons when the cost is the greatest." John went on to explain that this student was referring to the responsibility each one of us holds to interrupt hateful acts the moment they happen; not ignore them, or apologize later, but to show up with our words and our actions immediately. I quickly drew a parallel between that quote and the current state of affairs in the Lake Oswego School District as it concerns DEI and all types of prejudice. We need a leader who will act swiftly, one who puts our students' mental health and safety needs first and one who listens to our student's and teacher's concerns. John has a proven track record of doing all of the above and I'd like to spend my coupons on someone who understands the immense costs if we don't.

Cheri Partain


Enforce noise ordinance

I suffer from insomnia and the horn from the train was continuous for 10 minutes and I only managed 4 hrs of sleep. Law abiding citizens adhere to the noise ordinance but the trains do not please enforce this noise as well. I am sure there are others out there.

This is the noise ordinance law that should be enforced more diligently.

34.10.539 Specific Noise Prohibitions.

Daniel Diaz

Lake Oswego

Vote yes on LO parks bond!

Lake Oswego is an amazing community, which is greatly enhanced by our outdoor resources. We benefit from trails, forests, rivers, lakes, parks and recreation areas. The vast majority of our residents utilize these resources, and it brings visitors into our community. We have two children, ages 5 and 8, who actively participate in youth sports. There is a great need for more space and improved drainage at current fields for soccer, football, lacrosse and baseball.

City Council has approved the renewal of Lake Oswego's existing parks and recreation bonds. Renewing the parks bond would generate $30 million over 20 years at the same rate as is currently assessed (tax rate never to exceed 24 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value).

Please join us in voting YES for the LO Parks Bond.

Miles and Carey Haladay

Lake Oswego

Calabria has commitment, backbone

As your mayor for these last six years, I can tell you first-hand that it takes commitment to freely give one's time to serving the people of this community. And having run twice for the office, I can also tell you first hand that it takes backbone to withstand often withering criticism from those who don't want you in office.

Kelly Calabria has both the commitment and backbone to serve on our school board. She understands that great schools go hand in hand with a thriving, successful Lake Oswego. She understands that the school board is not an autocratic entity and that our students, our schools and our city will all benefit from a cohesive working relationship between the board, council and the community.

I look forward to welcoming school mom and local small business owner Kelly Calabria to our school board. My wife Kim says she looks forward to Farmer's Market and more of Kelly's Jelly!

Please join me in voting for Kelly Calabria — she has what it takes to be a school board member — commitment, and yes backbone but also a deep willingness to bridge differences and put our students first.

Mayor Kent Studebaker

Lake Oswego

Wallin is compassionate, open

John's passion for education and ensuring every student has the best shot at success in inspiring. We connected on our shared school experiences growing up — specifically how going to school with classmates from diverse families and different socio-economic backgrounds shaped our lens for community leadership and advocacy.

John demonstrated to me his compassion and continued openness to collaborate and raise our collective understanding of race, sexuality and gender identity to support all our students in the classroom and beyond.

Our schools are a symbol of our strong community in Lake Oswego. We need leaders like John who we can trust to decisions with the efficacy and awareness of the needs of each student in mind.

John understands his duty to always center the work around the health and vitality of all our students, which includes continually shining the light on the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion, as our district expands. For me, it is very encouraging to see John's enthusiasm and commitment as an experienced board member to share his knowledge at every city level to collaborate on the critical issues facing our students today.

Join me in re-electing John Wallin to the LOSD Board May 21.

Daniel Nguyen

Lake Oswego city councilor

Calabria values transparency

Transparency: lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making. This definition describes what our parents and students need school board members to commit to. As the parent of two students in our district, I respect anyone who is willing to serve on our LO School Board. This position requires hours of volunteer service. But our district could use a fresh voice and new perspective.

Kelly Calabria has this perspective. I have always admired her in her many roles: owner of Kelly's Jelly, mom of 2 daughters, wife, community volunteer and friend. She is transparent and trustworthy. She is non-partisan and has no ties to unions. She loves Lake Oswego and wants to serve our kids. She is eager to listen to all opinions and has the backbone to make difficult decisions when needed. As a small business owner and former volunteer on the Citizen's Budget Committee, she will be frugal with our limited dollars.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Heidi Hammersley

Lake Oswego

Calabria is a listener first

We recently moved from Portland to the Lake Oswego area, and specifically chose a house that has high ranking schools for our kids, so Lake Oswego was at the top of the list. We feel very fortunate to be in LOSD, and have had amazing teachers and staff at Forest Hills Elementary.

The only thing constant however is change. Good schools must get better. As our district faces budget challenges we will need our LO School Board to be discerning, and creative problem solvers. Enter Kelly Calabria. I have known Kelly for over 10 years. She exhibits the valuable combination of being a listener first, and then a doer. I respect her greatly as a business person, mother and entrepreneur. I already love her ideas around adding world language at elementary levels, as well as addressing the basic need for cleanliness (no more ants!!), mental health support and emergency preparedness in our schools. Let's put first things first.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Tanny Johnson


Calabria is insightful, considerate

I am writing to ask readers to vote for Kelly Calabria for the Lake Oswego school board. Kelly has a very vigorous sense of community responsibility. Her responses are always well thought out, insightful, considerate, fair and straight forward. I know Kelly will make a wonderful and impactful contribution to the school board.

Do the community a favor and vote for Kelly Calabria.

Diane Durnin

Lake Oswego

Calabria is transparent, authentic

As a former district employee of 32 years, I have seen many students come and go through the doors of our schools. Our own children went through the LO school system and my husband and I have taught and coached thousands of students. We are proud of each and every one.

But occasionally you have that student who really shines. Kelly Riordan Calabria is one of those people. Even as a high school student, she was kind to all, included everyone and could not help but cheer people on. After graduating from UO, she worked with me as a district employee. She is by nature transparent, authentic and sincere. She is smart, a consensus builder and a problem solver. It does not surprise me that she wishes to give back by serving on LO School Board. Although many see Kelly as sweet, she also has what it takes to make difficult decisions and stand up for what is right. Unlike her opponent who has accepted $6,500 from the classified union, Kelly is not beholden to any political or union organizations.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board. Diana Lavender

Lake Oswego

The Importance of listening and collaboration

John Wallin is the right choice for the Lake Oswego School Board. He has demonstrated his commitment to the important issues facing our schools as we continue to grow toward providing the world-class education we desire for our kids. John listens, gathers input, studies the issues and provides the leadership necessary for measurable change. His achievements are visible and long-lasting. He and his board colleagues have the momentum needed to enter the era of new leadership from our incoming superintendent. John is passionate about school safety, and addressing critical improvements to our facilities infrastructure. He cares deeply about the student success and has helped craft policies and programs to improve special education, social-emotional learning, mental health, STEM education, and college and career readiness. I have found John to be very accessible and collaborative with parents and students to address issues and come up with ideas and strategies to make us better. We need leaders who reach out to important stakeholders and invite people with many different points of view to participate in processes and decisions that impact the future of our school system and our city. John deserves our support because he is results-oriented, fair, inclusive and has truly immersed himself in finding creative ways to address the most significant challenges we face as a school system. We need board members who are focused on the job ahead, knowledgeable, experienced and able to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. That describes John Wallin perfectly. Please join me in supporting John Wallin for LOSD School Board.

Cyndi Spear

Lake Oswego

Do homework on school board

Having led the Human Resource Dept. of a large Portland company, I understand the importance of each person to an organization. Our local school board sets the tone for our district. Board meetings, community involvement, school events — these people are ambassadors and I appreciate their generosity of time and talent. When voting in the May election, please do your homework. While I respect our incumbent, I cannot vote for someone who has been endorsed by unions and accepted money from the very organization whose contracts the school board votes on. This seems a blatant conflict of interest.

As a past PTA and LO National Charity League President, I found it important to have board members that do not have personal agendas but are able to make decisions that will benefit all the students in our school district.

Kelly Calabria has no such conflict and does not have a personal agenda. She is about all the kids in our school district. She has many hours of experience within our local LO community: LO Budget Committee, LO Mothers Club, Natural Resource Advisory Committee, LO Leadership — the list is long and the list is local. I have yet to meet anyone who does not respect Kelly.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Pamela Robertson

Lake Oswego

McDonald's should commit to animal welfare standards

I am a concerned resident of Lake Oswego and I wanted to raise a concern about the McDonalds in Lake Grove. Many of McDonald's competitors, including Subway and Burger King, have committed to improving animal welfare standards for chickens in their supply chains, but McDonald's has refused to take meaningful action to strengthen its welfare policy.

Some of the largest animal welfare organizations, including Mercy for Animals and the Humane Society, are calling McDonald's to change its practices, but the company continues to lag behind its competitors. It's time for McDonald's to do what's right, catch up with the times and implement better welfare standards. Chickens in McDonald's supply chain are bred to grow so unnaturally large their legs often cannot support the weight of their own bodies, and they become immobilized in their own waste. Suppliers can keep chickens in dark, crowded warehouses — treated as mere objects or machines. Chickens are sensitive and intelligent, and they feel pain just like our dogs and cats. Please adopt and implement cage-free standards of living for chickens.

Karina Gutierrez

Lake Oswego

Calabria is best choice

As longtime LO residents, parents of LO graduates, and parents of an educator, we value our schools. They are one of the pillars of our community. We all know people move to Lake Oswego for our fine school district.

We have challenges ahead — in our state-and in our district. Funding will be tight. We will need to be creative to stretch our limited dollars and ensure our educational excellence continues. For this reason, we are voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board. She has her ear on the schools. She is known and valued by many as shown by the close to 500 endorsers on her website. As a mom and the owner of small business Kelly's Jelly, she knows the importance of our precious dollars. She is not running for any political reasons. She only wants to serve our kids and families. Join us in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Beth and Scott Quarterman

Lake Oswego

Calabria is creative problem solver

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kelly as a friend and colleague since 2008, when we worked together at Soldera Properties. Kelly is a creative problem solver and always remains positive and pragmatic when faced with challenges.

We need Kelly's leadership and perspective on the LO School Board.

As I realtor in Lake Oswego for 25+ years, I can attest that schools are one of our community's greatest assets. Even if you don't currently have children in school, please vote for Kelly on May 21!

Debbie Todd

Lake Oswego

Calabria is needed on board

In politics, it's easy to be distracted by clichés and conventional candidates. Kelly Calabria has substance and a vested interest in our community. She is earnest, hard-working, and focused on the education of our children: a Lake Oswego legacy.

I've lived in Lake Oswego for a combined 30 years. I attended Lake Oswego public schools and my two children will as well.

For as long as I can remember, the community of Lake Oswego has been proud of our schools. Recently, legitimate concerns have been raised regarding the existing board's ability to maintain our stellar reputation. Their willingness to prioritize the actual needs of our district over their own agenda is being questioned. Continuing our tradition of excellence is simply nonnegotiable.

As a business owner, I understand the need for an effective leader during unsteady times. Kelly has proven her tenacity and diligence as the owner of a successful business while remaining a devoted mother of two girls. She is intelligent, savvy and high-achieving.

Kelly is a local leader and I know first-hand that she has the ability to maintain our Lake Oswego legacy of excellence in education.

Elizabeth Christy Taylor

Lake Oswego

Support SB 1008

Common sense reform of Oregon's exceptionally harsh juvenile justice laws under Measure 11 is supported by a bipartisan majority of our citizens. SB 1008 has passed the Senate and is currently lodged in the House where it needs prodding by your legislator for a bipartisan vote.

Youth offenders should be held accountable for their crimes, but should not be treated as adults. In the last 25 years we have learned how adolescents can be rehabilitated if given a chance. Call your legislator and urge support of this important bill.

Elsa Porter


Calabria would be all-inclusive

I support Kelly Calabria as a candidate for the Lake Oswego School Board.

Kelly will bring a dedication and a commitment to the school board as well as a "fresh voice and fresh listening."

LOSD Board needs new and fresh ideas AND Kelly brings that to all. She will bring an inclusive point of view and will respond to EVERY neighborhood in the district, not just those who are only in the boundaries of the City of Lake Oswego.

I urge everyone to join me in voting for Kelly Calabria for Lake Oswego School Board.

Bonnie Robb

Lake Oswego

Exercise your control over local elections

This year, whom we put on the school board could have a positive effect in reuniting the school population. And by local citizens exercising their own control over local elections, the whole of Lake Oswego will benefit.

So, I ask you to vote for Kelly Calabria, whose only agenda is the success of all our students. Her deep roots in LO and long connection with our schools, coupled with the commitment to ask tough questions will result in balanced decisions on the school board.

With Kelly, there will be no personal agenda, no politics. It will be all about communication, collaboration, and transparency — it will be all about the kids.

As you mark your ballots, please remember that this is a nonpartisan race. I happen to know that Kelly is a registered Independent — you can't get much more nonpartisan than that!

Please don't sit out this election. Mark your ballot for school mom and small business owner Kelly Calabria. Exercise local control over our local elections — you'll be glad you did!

Roger Martin

Lake Oswego

Calabria is best fit

Kelly Calabria is the best candidate for the school board this year! I know Kelly both as a businesswoman and a mother. She excels at both. It is precisely those skills that make her an ideal school board member. She cares deeply for the students and also understands how to optimize the funding so it will do the most good. My daughter has worked as an employee for Kelly and has coached her children in gymnastics. It is because we know her so well that we can attest to Kelly's kindness, dedication, and incredible work ethic. As a mom, business owner, and involved community member, we trust Kelly to bring passion and insight to the school board. We want Kelly to be one of the people ensuring that Barbara, as well as her fellow students, receive the best education possible.

Jenny and Barbara Roehm

Lake Oswego

Local teachers support levy

On May 8, Lake Oswego School District educators joined thousands of other educators from around the state calling for our legislators and state leaders to make a lasting investment in schools across Oregon. Over the last 30 years, Oregon has spent far less than the national average per pupil, which has resulted in larger class sizes and outdated textbooks. And after decades of state-level disinvestment, we need the state of Oregon to do more to invest in our schools and our children.

The Lake Oswego community has a well-earned reputation of being supportive of our local schools through the local levy. Measure 3-547 will renew the levy and ensure our local schools do not slide backwards. Lake Oswego teachers agree — we must pass Measure 3-547 to support our students.

The May 8 walkout was not a protest of the Lake Oswego School District. Lake Oswego teachers deeply appreciate the strong support our schools receive from this community. To that end, Lake Oswego teachers will be part of a levy canvass event and are contributing $1,000 to the levy campaign. Join us in support of the Lake Oswego students and vote YES on Measure 3-547.

David Finkelman, president

Lake Oswego Education Association

John Wallin: Servitude and student-centric

As a junior at LOHS, I have had the opportunity and privilege to see the benefits of John's leadership in action. He leads with compassion and a level-head — ensuring to extend his heart and mind into the community. John makes himself accessible to the student body, attends meetings in-person, works to build an understanding of struggles facing the student body and never brings self-importance into his role as a board member.

John has been a vital part of improving student life in our district. He's put the students at the forefront of every idea, conversation, and vote. John does not lead with ego and does not build consensus based on arbitrary popularity, rather, he leads with a focus on servitude and understanding.

Wallin believes in building our community from the next generation-up, not the other way around. Our futures depend on examples of leadership that are student-centric and grounded in service. Students are, after all, the future of Lake Oswego. John will build a community I want to be a part of.

We need leaders like John Wallin.

Lena Wehn

Lake Oswego

Wallin is a leader for the district

I urge you to re-elect John Wallin. Here are three excellent examples of why John is the leader our district needs:

1. When John was first elected, he found that outdated computers from Forest Hills were being shipped off to River Grove and new state of the art computers were being purchased for Forest Hills. He passed policy K-H that mandated every school has similar resources, period.

2. When John first heard that eight brave students from LOHS sued in federal court for a basis equity in softball-baseball facilities he asked me and the superintendent to personally visit the fields; they were atrocious. His leadership allowed all high school softball fields, LOHS baseball, LHS turf 2 lights, LHS track and cover to be repaired without a tax increase by using the construction tax money we receive when businesses or homeowners build or remodel. Kids are now using safe fields and are treated equally.

3. John forced through the decades-long conversation about moving high school start time from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. He followed the science. Now, almost no students skip first period and we don't have kids falling asleep in class.

Please reelect John Wallin, and vote YES on the levy!

Bob Barman

Lake Oswego

Learning Levy is necessary

We need the Learning Levy if we want LO students to be prepared for life in the modern world. Computer science is no longer a specialty but a necessity. The Learning Levy, Measure 3-547, will let our schools hire eight more STEM/innovation teachers, and preserve numerous others.

As high school students, amateur developers and founders of a summer camp that teaches girls computer programming, we've experienced how empowering and enthralling coding can be. Computer programming is as critical a skill as English or history. It helps students think logically, automate tasks and better use the technology that pervades our lives. Programming is also an amazing career path (web development was the fastest growing job of 2018). But right now, LO schools lag behind neighboring districts in computer science education. Few instructors have the necessary knowledge to teach coding beyond a markup or drag-and-drop language, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels.

Computer science is a rich world waiting for LO students to explore it. All they need is a few more resources. Please vote YES on Measure 3-547 to hire the STEM teachers we need to make this happen.

Sydney, Selena Von Arx, Zhang

Schools need consistent funding

Our schools and our kids need our highest priority. During my relocation to Oregon, an excellent school system for my daughter was one of my highest priorities and I am proud of our excellent schools in Lake Oswego. However, we need to ensure there is consistent funding for teachers, facilities and education materials. This is why I am support the LO Learning: Measure 3-547.

The levy will ensure there is consistent funding and resources for our schools so that our children can have the best education. Our district has had a levy since 2000 and it has made a difference in funding critical positions and infrastructure. As our children our educated, so is our community.

Please vote yes on Measure 3-547.

Steven Strapp

Lake Oswego

Calabria understands value of dollars

It is a scary moment when one puts their own money up to start a business. There is risk and uncertainty and every dollar is monitored to be certain it is wisely spent. As a local entrepreneur, and owner of Kelly's Jelly, Kelly Calabria understands and respects the value of a dollar. She started her business one jar at a time, at our own LO Farmer's Market. Her firsthand experience with monitoring spending will be invaluable to our district. Now more than ever, our district must spend responsibly. PERS reform, our local option renewal, the bond and facility investments — many financial transactions will be taking place in the next few years. Kelly has what it takes to watch over our funds and spend wisely.

Join me in voting Kelly Calabria for LO School Board.

Jason Hills

Lake Oswego

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