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Brown's actions demand explanation; Oak Grove bridge would change city forever

Brown's actions demand explanation

Governor Brown and the super-majority house and Senate in Salem stripped $108 million from the Oregon kicker. Now Brown wants an additional $500 million of our kicker. The kicker is constitutional. How can they do this, does anyone know? Now Brown wants to syphon off money from the lottery. The 1984 lottery ballot measure read "Profits to be used to create jobs, for economic development." How can they do this, does anyone know? Someone, anyone, please explain it to me.

Ridge Taylor

Lake Oswego

Oak Grove bridge would change city forever

Absolutely NO Bridge between unincorporated Oak Grove - Lake Oswego. I speak as a lifetime resident of Lake Oswego and former employee of Clackamas County Community Corrections. I ran a work crew cleaning up homeless camps near the junction of McLoughlin Blvd., 17th and the Milwaukie Expressway. The times I have been to Elk Rock Island, I saw homeless camps and remains of homeless camps. These areas are very close by and it does not take a very large leap of mental gymnastics to figure out that if a bridge is built that they will migrate into Tryon Creek State Park or the neighborhoods in and around downtown Lake Oswego. You may be so cavalier as to think this is all about making it easy for a few pedestrians and bicyclists, but the truth is that with the homeless comes increased crime and cost to nearby businesses and neighborhoods. There is good reason that the City of Lake Oswego has rejected the proposal of building a bridge numerous times over the past fifty years. This is an example of government ignorance and bureaucracy bringing this up again over the wisdom of those who would have their neighborhoods changed negatively forever.

Voice your opinion on this proposed Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge. Take the feasibility survey by June 15 or see Lake Oswego's website for information to attend community open houses held this summer.

Stephen Boone

Lake Oswego

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