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HB 2505 would protect children; Sen. Wagner, Rep. Prusak threatening welfare of citizens

HB 2505 would protect children

Every day in the United States, seven children are killed by gun violence. That's seven children who wake up each morning and don't return home to their families that night. HB 2505, The Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth Act, would ensure that all gun owners in Oregon are held responsible for their gun storage practices, requiring guns to be stored safely, and reported lost or missing within 24 hours. If this bill is passed, fewer children will be injured or killed in Oregon each year. The bill will not take people's guns away, but it will save lives. The bill will not lead to more home invasions or robberies, but it will save lives. The bill will not make it any more difficult for responsible gun owners to use their guns as they do already, but it will save lives. The bill will not have any meaningful negative impact on anyone's quality of life in any way whatsoever, but it will save children's lives. Help us keep our children safe from this completely unnecessary threat to their health, by telling your legislators to pass the Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth Act. Contact your legislators at

Ryan Hassan, MD


Sen. Wagner, Rep. Prusak threatening welfare of citizens

This area could have elected a senator and state representative who value the Constitution, or at least law and order. But so far both Senator Rob Wagner and State Representative Rachel Prusak have sponsored bill HB 2015 to overturn the result of the 2014 state wide initiative that ended driver cards for illegal aliens. Next they sponsored SB 870 to end the Electoral College - which will end our weighted votes and destroy Oregon's influence in a national election. Turning to a popular vote will ensure that New York and California will dominate all national elections if the rest of the states ratify the popular vote.

Finally, Wagner sponsored HB 2932 to hide the immigration status of criminal defendants during their trials. Having a relative who was sexually assaulted in Lake Oswego by an illegal alien, I find this to be a reckless exercise in selective compassion.

This is a lot of scorched earth policy for two freshman state legislators. A rich place like Lake Oswego will survive them, but neither understands how protecting illegal aliens or destroying the equalizing effect of the Electoral College will threaten the welfare of average citizens. Oregon needs more informed adults in the room and fewer unrealistic leftist ideologues. I can't wait for the primaries.

Lyneil Vandermolen


Thank you, Kelleigh Brown!

The rowers and families of Lake Oswego Community Rowing (LOCR) would like to thank Kelliegh Brown, Cultural, Fitness & Outdoor Recreation Supervisor with Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation, for her outstanding service to our organization.

Kelliegh serves as LOCR's liaison with LO Parks & Rec, making sure lines of communication are efficient and that LOCR's programs offered through LO Parks & Rec function smoothly. Recently however, Kelliegh went above and beyond the normal call of duty to help.

LOCR had our regular June monthly board meeting recently, and the agenda included some issues that drew a large number of members to attend and voice their opinions. The board anticipated this, and reached out to Kelliegh about getting a larger-than-normal conference room to hold the meeting. Kelliegh immediately secured the large, modern Willow Room in the LO Maintenance Center, and the space worked out beautifully. One additional detail that she nailed was that she printed out and hung signs directing the LOCR members to the room, since few if any of them had ever been there


Furthermore, the discussions that took place kept the meeting going well beyond its normal end time, and since we were at the Maintenance Center, Kelliegh had to stay the whole time so that she could close up the building for the night. She was extremely flexible and patient.

Kelliegh's help was invaluable in making the meeting productive and engaging, and we could not have had such a successful meeting without her. On behalf of everyone at LOCR, we want to thank Kelliegh for her superb service to the LO rowing community!

Chris Stewart

Board President,

Lake Oswego Community Rowing

So finally,

the carnage begins

"Oregon is insanely green

it is the thin light

left over from Eden"

—William Stafford, the late

Poet Laureate of Oregon

William, your tears can never bring that light back to Lake Grove — it's a light that seems invisible to some city planners, technocrats and politicians in Lake Oswego. In their mad rush to "improve" our neighborhoods, they seem to see much of the natural world as something that gets in the way — a nuisance, an annoyance, a disposable commodity that needs to be bulldozed and chainsawed into oblivion. What they are doing is nothing new. It's an old development scheme covered in window dressing that screams "new", "improved", "safer", "more user friendly." The aesthetic appears to be one that says that everything has to be planned, quantified, objectified. Nature needs to be tamed, controlled and sterilized. It's a world view that lacks imagination.

Most of the trees that will be destroyed here will be replaced with smaller, less hardy ornamentals that provide fewer benefits to our community. The result will ensure that the magic of Lake Grove along Boone's Ferry will be transformed into a giant, well-manicured supermarket parking lot — one which is landscaped with little fake-looking theme park lollipop trees and perfectly formed shrubs lined up in cute, pre-determined, artificial patterns.

Goodbye magic, lyricism and some of the rustic softness that still manages to exist. And goodbye, especially, to the old Lake Grove with its magical peacocks and mysteries hiding in the woods. Hello to right angles, data points and the Death Star.

Thank you, William, for all the beauty you were able to see and share with us. You made us feel alive and connected to this enchanting world. I'm sorry it's all disappearing so fast.

Pierre Zubrinsky

Lake Oswego

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