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Elected officials need to step up; Why assigning DEI an expiration date is not diverse, equitable or inclusive

Elected officials need to step up

This country is going so far, so fast, in the wrong direction that I need to re-engage even if only to vent some of the fury I feel on a daily basis.

Sen. Merkley, Rep. Schrader and Sen. Wyden were elected to be my voice. Use it. I cannot understand why moral people of good conscience aren't out there every day holding press conferences and saying out loud to the world: "This president is a stupid immoral buffoon and these are the things he has done this week to illustrate that fact."

Why aren't my elected officials doing that? What do they have to lose? Nothing. And what they have to gain is an energized electorate who believes in them again.

I urge my representatives to speak for me. Let me know that somebody with a powerful voice is willing to stand up and call a traitor a traitor and a coward a coward. Old ideas about statesmanship are dead; they have been killed by this administration and if we are the only ones trying to honor them, we are as foolish as they think we are.

I urge Sen. Merkley, Rep. Schrader and Sen. Wyden to speak out now.

Melissa Marks

Lake Oswego

Why assigning DEI an expiration date is not diverse, equitable or inclusive

It's a provocative topic, DEI. I am hopeful in light of the City creating a DEI Task Force, our City Council will begin to discuss issues through an equity lens. However, I am concerned that the limited timeline (6 months) and scope (city boards and hiring) of the Task Force will limit the potential of a positive impact. DEI needs span far and wide in Lake Oswego government; not only as barriers to city participation and hiring practices, but embedded within the foundational systems that actually appropriate city operations and policies.

An ongoing DEI advisory group could provide a lens to issues such as short-term rentals, recently discussed at the City Council. It was known STRs had majority support and would pass. Since allowing STR's could reduce long-term rental inventory, the dissent had an opportunity to add meaningful restrictions (days and square feet) that would support access to affordable housing while still honoring the constituents in support of STRs. Alas, they did not, other than supporting a two-year sunset.

This is one example of why putting an expiration date on DEI is not appropriate. These issues simply cannot be addressed in six months nor within such a narrow scope.

Melissa Fireside

Lake Oswego

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