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July 4 detours were confusing for out-of-towners; Democrats not working for the people

July 4 detours were confusing

My father lives on Highland Drive in Lake Oswego. I was visiting him on July 4, and headed home at about 7:30 p.m. At Canyon on South Shore, there was a barricade and two people pointing left. I turned.

After that, there were absolutely NO signs providing ANY further direction. I am only semi-familiar with that section of the area. At one intersection I did recognize, I turned left thinking I would connect with Boones Ferry Road. I went the wrong way and became seriously lost.

If I didn't have GPS on my phone, or had left my phone at home, I would still be trying to find my way out of that labyrinth of streets and get home.

It wasn't until a nearly a MILE of turns provided by my phone that I came across ONE more person and detour sign, telling me to go straight. My GPS had me go right. Eventually, I connected with I-5 and got back to Beaverton.

I have been detoured on other July 4ths, but there have been vastly more direction signs and people; this year was the worst setup I've ever seen. Another relative who left my father's house shortly after I did also got very lost. She asked one of the two people at Canyon where she needed to go after turning left and was given the reply, "I don't know. I don't know this area."

Why would you have people unfamiliar with the area "helping"?

It seems that whomever planned this "assistance" is under the impression that EVERYONE in that area has an explicit knowledge of where to go after a vague indicator of "turn left" - or has GPS, which my relative does not.

Next year, please do a better job with (1) more signs and (2) using people who can provide directions for people who are unfamiliar with the area.

Heather Self


Democrats not working for the people

We have a severe problem here in the formerly great state of Oregon. We have a Democrat controlled legislature that is hell bent on punishing the innocent and rewarding the guilty.

For example, SB978, the so-called omnibus gun laws bill, which thankfully failed, is a direct attack on the constitutional rights of legal, law-abiding gun owners who have committed no crime nor broken any laws. It doesn't matter that you may be innocent of any crime, the Democrats seem determined to decide what rights you do and do not have, regardless of the Constitution.

On the other hand, HB2015, passed by the House on June 18 and passed by the Senate on June 29, allows undocumented illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license. Which means that if you are here in violation of our immigration laws, an act which makes you a criminal, the Democrats in the Oregon legislature want to reward you for breaking the law. In addition, the Democrats added an "emergency clause" to the bill making it impossible for Oregon voters to hold a referendum, something that was done with Measure 88 in 2014. In other words, the Democrats in the Oregon legislature know what's better for you and the State of Oregon, than you do. Remember, in their minds they are the masters and you are the servants.

It is way past time for legal Oregon citizens to vote the Democrat plantation owners out of office in disgrace, and replace them with citizen legislators who will protect the rights of all legal Oregon citizens and work to protect and defend the Constitution as it is written.

It is time to return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, to the people of Oregon!

James Kolousek


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