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Molalla Pioneer letters to the editor for the March 27, 2019 edition - Looking a young protestors

Young protestors don't realize what they have

To the editor:

I watched the news last night and a bunch of snowflakes in Portland have been protesting about climate change.

"Whatever it Takes" is the mantra they all want to shout changing the climate. The fools don't realize that their privileged existence is because of what we as a society have adopted and adapted to build our comfortable world.

None of the young ones shouting those slogans realize that "Whatever it Takes" would mean they would have to live in houses made of sod, cook over fires made of dried cow manure, live without electricity, running water, medicine, automobiles, cell-phones, good abundant food or clean clothes.

The Molalla Pioneer.

They would not be living in houses made of wood because there is not one in a hundred of them who are capable of cutting down a tree without a chainsaw – Oh, I forgot those run on oil-based fuel, so they certainly could not use one of those. They would be reduced to scratching furrows in the earth with a stick to plant grain (because tractors run on fuel, too) in hopes it would make a crop, knowing full well that whatever children they might bear would most probably die very young.

I appreciate that the young are getting involved in something besides their cell phones and instantaneous communication, but their choice of a mantra is pretty poor. They obviously have not taken a good look around or given any thought to the way of life they enjoy.

I have yet to see a demonstration by anyone young or old in a third-world country against "climate-change."

They are too busy just trying to put food on the table and stay healthy. Let our young move to one of those countries and live as they do; then we'll see what their attitude becomes.

Mike Early


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