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The immune system is comprised of two parts - the innate immune system, which is the natural defenses of the skin, mucosa (i.e. tonsils and sinuses) and the GI tract.The innate immune system helps keep harmful pathogens from entering the body.

The second part is the acquired immune system, comprised of white blood cells and antibodies.They are trained to find and destroy pathogens that have managed to enter the body.

In autoimmune diseases, one or both of these parts may not be functioning correctly. They may be too weak or too active or a combination of both. Once a person has one autoimmune disease, they are susceptible to additional autoimmune diseases.

The goal of natural medicine is to find the root cause of the immune system's dysfunction, such as trauma, illness or toxicity.

Luckily, our earth provides a bounty of natural resources for healing and helping to mitigate the symptoms of autoimmunity. Some of these remedies include:

-Echinacea herb-regulates the immune system to encourage normal immune responses

-Marshmallow root-restores gut health to enhance innate immunity and prevent pathogens from entering the body

-Ashwagandha herb-supports adrenal health and the stress response that can disrupt the immune system

At Joy of Health, I take a comprehensive approach to treating autoimmune diseases naturally. I will utilize natural remedies, whole food supplements, hydrotherapy, microcurrent therapy, and detoxification to normalize the immune response, reduce inflammation and support the body's ability to help heal itself.

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