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This article brought to you courtesy of Sara Winter of Nielsen's Jewelers, Portland Tribune Jewelry Expert.

Sara Winter

As 2018 comes to an end, it's time to plan for important birthdays in 2019! Birthstones are a great way to celebrate special people. Scholars trace birthstones back to the breastplate of Aaro described in the Bible. These 12

stones would later be linked to the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the months of the calendar year. Here's your guide to birthstones:

January: Garnet comes in a range of colors and eliminates

negative feelings. It is mined many places around the world.

February: Amethyst is found in Brazil and Arizona and is for the royalty in your life; it cures drunkenness.

March: Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Pakistan and San Diego. It keeps sailors safe and brings happiness in marriage.

April: Diamond, symbolizes clarity and strength. This stone is surrounded with fascinating lore.

May: Emerald, cherished by royalty, evoking rebirth and renewal. Mined in Colombia and Brazil.

June: Pearls for purity and Moonstone for love. Alexandrite is a rare stone found in Russia that changes color.

July: Ruby, the stone of power, love and passion.

August: Peridot protects from evil spirits. Formed in extreme conditions like meteorites and lava!

September: Sapphire, comes in every color of the rainbow (except red). Stone of loyalty, nobility and wisdom.

October: Opal with shifting colors no two exactly the same! Tourmaline gives self-confidence.

November: Citrine in yellow to brownish orange and the many colors of Topaz are both known for calming energies.

December: Traditional Zircon scares off evil spirits, the rich blue purple of tanzanite is appealing to the eye!





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