Our readers also share their opinions about the Reynolds High School budget process, the University of Portland president, ICE enforcement policies, and tax cuts.

Recently I heard about a disturbing trend: Homeless people spending what little income they get (such as disability) on a storage unit, holding what is left of their belongings, and sometimes spending the day sitting in the unit among their stuff until the manager shoos them away. Is this the wave of the future for Portlanders/Oregonians/Americans?

And speaking of storage units, why do we need yet another public storage place (the former moving and storage building at Southeast Powell Boulevard and 49th Avenue)? Why can't that property be redeveloped as residential? It is convenient to public transportation, and we all know that we need more affordable housing units.

In fact, I have seen vacant commercial buildings all over the city, right on bus lines. Why can't they be rezoned? Isn't it an acknowledged trend to need less storefront property as people buy more online?

Alice Duff

Southeast Portland

Reynolds chairman wrong to scold the public

At the last budget hearing of the Reynolds School District, Chairman Joe Teeny scolded the public for not coming to the December work session when the budget priorities were set.

The published agenda for that meeting, held Dec. 20, did not have time for the public to give their input. Public comment could only be about action items and budget priorities were not an action item. So there was no actual time for the public to give input. The district did not invite the public in for conversations and rankings, as Teeny's comments implied.

The dialogue that happened during the last 30 minutes of the last budget meeting should have happened earlier, but there was no time slotted for it. Any questions were silenced with the phrase that the priorities had been set and that was that.

In the future, if the district actually wants the community's input, invite them to a meeting where their thoughts, concerns and ideas can be heard and incorporated into a budget instead of scolding people for not participating in a process that does not exist.

Joyce Rosenau

Northeast Portland

Poorman, others at UP should 'move on'

The My View article by Olivia Sanchez (April 24) is so disturbing, it nearly defies words.

The act/speech itself by Goutham Sundaram is disgusting enough, but the lack of response by the school president, the Rev. Mark Poorman, athletic coaches and personnel is beneath contempt. The totality of damage to the school cannot be underestimated, nor should it be tolerated.

As this man spewed his nasty comments (Is he still on campus? If so, why?), the entire University of Portland hierarchy in attendance sat in the front row and did nothing? Audience members found his comments funny?

The cross country Coach of the Year, Rob Conner, smirked as he took to the podium and told the audience to "move on and have a good time."

As (news of) the vile event went nationwide and condemnation of the administration poured in, the cowardly school president, Poorman, issued several delayed apologies. It's obvious these "apologies" were not sincere or original.

So we now see the once-prestigious UP as the spot for white women to be freely violated by "men of color?" The administration apparently sees little or no problem with this activity.

Mark Poorman should remove his Catholic collar and go into hiding. He is a disgrace to the school, the community and common decency. To echo the words of Conner, "It's time to move on and have a good time."

Truer words have never been spoken. Poorman, Conner and all the additional poison ilk on the UP campus need to "move on."

Jim Speirs

North Portland

Tell our leaders that welfare for the wealthy is over

Currying the ultra-wealthy is especially surprising, coming from a so-called Democratic governor, in a time when our infrastructure is crumbling, housing costs are at an all-time high, and thousands of people live in misery in the streets of Oregon.

The Oregonian published some figures of who would benefit from Gov. Kate Brown's proposed tax cut, which the Portland Tribune quotes some legislators as saying is politically motivated. The Oregonian reports that the governor's proposal to lower Oregon income tax rates for thousands of sole proprietors would overwhelmingly benefit those earning at least $200,000 a year, according to a new analysis from legislative economists. Less than one-tenth of the savings would go to sole proprietors earning less than $100,000 a year.

According to Stanford University, a single taxpayer filing jointly earning $300,000 a year paid a tax rate of 90 percent in 1960. I remember that going to state and federal parks was free back then. The infrastructure was solid, and one never saw homeless people because there were close to none.

The Democratic Socialists of America Portland chapter planned to take its Tax the Rich campaign to the Capitol in Salem, Monday, May 21. We need to tell our state officials loud and clear that the days of neo-liberal austerity and welfare for the wealthy are over. We must demand they fund and support the working class.

Marian Drake

Northeast Portland

Who is ICE protecting me from this time?

I am a senior white male living in Portland. I want to know what I am being protected against when Immigration and Customs Enforcement separates children from parents and then forgets where they detained the kids after they've detained the parents.

What am I being protected against when ICE deports hard-working people who have lived honestly and honorably in the United States most, if not all, their lives, into social conditions that may mean poverty or death to the deportees?

Who I'd like protection against are the Russians hacking our voting and the politicians wrecking our country. I am sincerely outraged to have lived through 40-odd years in fear of worldwide nuclear annihilation as well as endured relentless propaganda about the evils of communism, only to find my country being manipulated at the highest levels by the very people who allegedly were our deadliest enemies all those years.

The Republicans in D.C. do nothing except take billions of dollars from the public to give to their corporate benefactors, as well as give free rein to a maniacally venal, kleptocratic Cabinet assiduously intent on requisitioning and repurposing the entire country's resources to their own benefit.

Exactly who are my enemies now?

Kerry Canfield

Southast Portland

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