BY PAUL DANZER/PORTLAND TRIBUNE/Time of the utmost as Rose City Rollers' search continues for new, larger facility

The Rose City Rollers flat track roller derby league is still looking for a new home.

The league has called The Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park home since 2006. A recent change in fire codes means the organization won't be able to permanently use that facility for competitions.

The league has a permit that's good through the end of December and is working with the fire marshal's office on extending it through the end of the 2019 league season in June.

In addition to the all-star team that travels to top-level tournaments, about 600 skaters, age 7 and older, participate in RCR programs, including both recreational and competitive leagues.

Executive director Kim Stegeman has looked unsuccessfully for more than a year for a building or to buy land for a roller derby facility.

"It's a pretty desperate search," Stegeman says. "I'm open to any ideas right now."

She is open to finding a partner to share a facility.

The Rollers are looking for a building without central support beams and at least 25,000 square feet to have space for the track and spectator seating for 750. Stegeman would prefer a location with access to mass transit.

The permit to use The Hangar limits capacity to 600. Stegeman says they limit ticket sales to 430 spectators.

A fundraiser is scheduled for Dec. 1 at The Hangar. To learn more about Rose City Rollers, visit

Anyone with ideas for possible solutions can contact Stegeman by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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