Regional transit agency moves against those who pose a serious threat to TriMet employees and passengers, with an appeals process

PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Serious offenders could be banned for life from TriMet services.TriMet can issue lifetime exclusions for violent offenders under a new policy approved by the regional transit agency's board of directors Wednesday.

The ordinance says that long-term exclusions may only be imposed on someone who commits "a serious physical offense" against another person on the TriMet system or who "poses a serious threat to TriMet employees and passengers."

According to TriMet, with reported crime on the system low, such exclusions will not be issued often. In TriMet's reported crime statistics for 2016, only 287 offenses were reported against persons among the nearly 99 million trips provided. And some of those may have been multiple offenses within a single incident.

The ordinance, which goes into effect in 30 days on September 7, includes an appeals process that provides the right to periodic reviews, in addition to an initial review, for any exclusion longer than one year.

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