Commentary: JOCAC discussions mirror early days of committee

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'One thing all members had in common is that they wanted to either show that, or determine if, funds for jail operations were spent exclusively on…

My View: Fight for our future. Pass the Clean Energy Jobs…

Portland Tribune - Opinion
Yusuf Arifin is a student at Cedar Park Middle School in Beaverton. Ruby Haack and Edith Allen are students at Grant High School in Portland.

Letters published May 17, 2019

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Election season is in full swing and candidate champions are out in force. Also, rebuttal from Preheim, thank yous and notice of a big event for…

Letters from readers for May 10, 2019

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Buddy Poppy season is here, as is election season. More letters from readers than you can shake a stick at

Letters to the editor

South County Spotlight - Opinion
More than 103 column inches of letters (that's big!), on topics from the election (Scappoose School Board, Port) to county parks and the need for all…

Letters to the editor for April 26, 2019

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Scappoose School Board, CC Rider, Port of Columbia County and other topics covered in letters published April 26

Help and hope for Oregon's suicide crisis

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Regardless of the motivation, however, our families, schools, communities and media organizations have too often chosen the easy way out by simply…

Letter: Hard work, dedication pay off

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'With her attitude she will not only catch up but will outperform others in her chosen field, and it won't be long before she's sitting behind a…

Opinion: Proposed cap-and-trade law is troubling

South County Spotlight - Opinion
While it is our moral imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, I think we need a more efficient, cheaper, less bureaucratic and more direct way…

Op-ed: What will it take to finally achieve equality?

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'When will the time come when your gender does not prevent you from achieving what you are capable of? What will it take?'

Letter: Sans research, 'shut your pie-holes'

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'For everybody in the county, please don’t believe that your favorite talk show dingdong tells the truth. Money rules, and it is far easier to…

Subscribe to secure a future of credible, reliable Columbia…

South County Spotlight - Opinion
If you value local news provided by the Spotlight, we encourage you to invest in our future, and the future of Columbia County news reporting, by…

Opinion: Global warming is not settled science

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Scappoose's Tom Ford responds to Spotlight editorial, 'Winter doesn't mean the planet isn't warming'

Opinion: Winter doesn't mean the planet isn't warming

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Many experts believe that if the current rate of global warming does not slow, extreme weather events like the Polar Vortex will become more common…

Letter: Straight from the horse's mouth

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Want more objective verifiable information? Give Mr. Doug Hayes, executive director at the Port of Columbia County, a call!

Letter: Thank you from Share & Care

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'Please remember that our Scappoose families in need don't just need help at Christmas, they need help all year long'

Our opinion: Investment in public transit is an investment…

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Detractors need to be shown a public transit system they can believe - and invest - in

Johnson: As lawmakers, we can't give what we don't have

South County Spotlight - Opinion
Sen. Betsy Johnson, co-chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, outlines spending challenges confronting lawmakers in the 2019 legislative…

Letter: A rose ... err, a socialist by any other name

South County Spotlight - Opinion
With re-election of Kate Brown and Democratic control of Legislature, 'Oregon has 'fundamentally transformed' itself into a socialist state'

Letter: Thank you for SAPO passage, Columbia County

South County Spotlight - Opinion
'People like crazy Gov. Kate Brown and hypocrite Witt are catering to far left radical communists and are planning to assault us again'

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