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West Linn first and sixth graders give advice to students making the transition

Change can be scary, especially when switching schools or entering a new grade level. Whether it's moving from kindergarten to first grade or making the transition from primary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school, students take on these hurdles throughout their education. But it makes it a little easier knowing what to expect and to receive advice from students who have undergone the same transition. As the school year came to a close, the Tidings asked a handful of first graders from Trillium Creek and sixth graders from Rosemont Ridge Middle School advice they'd give — or what they'd say to ease the nerves — to incoming first graders and middle schoolers. Below are their answers:

Rosemont Ridge Middle School

"Don't be nervous. You will make a lot of new friends. It's almost like the same thing as elementary school. I made a lot of new friends here."

— Caden Lorenz

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL  - Logan Smith"It's not hard to remember your locker combination and don't stress about it. It becomes a subconscious thing."

— Logan Smith

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Alexia Cornell"Be yourself and don't stress about it a lot. Don't psych yourself out because it's a lot of fun. (My favorite part of sixth grade is) meeting all the new people and getting more knowledge about stuff."

— Alexia Cornell

"I wish I would have known to be really organized and write in my planner every single day. (You should) look forward to meeting all the new teachers."

— Evelyn Morlan

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL  - Selah McNown"It's not as scary as it seems. There's a lot of adults and teachers to help you. There's a lot of new activities and things you can learn."

— Selah McNown

Trillium Creek Primary

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Warren Denney"First grade is fun because you hang out with your friends. You get to write, which is really fun, and read."

— Warren Denney

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL  - Lucy Miadich"You can make new friends. You can have lots of fun (and) you get to color in class."

— Lucy Miadich

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL  - Anberlin Miller"It's fun. The teachers are nice. You can make new friends."

— Anberlin Miller

COURTESY PHOTO  - Bella Mutti"Always listen to the teachers so you know what to do. Don't just read at school, read at home. (My favorite part of first grade is) painting because I like the colors and art."

— Bella Mutti

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL  - James Durham"The teachers are really good and they are really nice. … I think the school days starts seeming shorter because you're getting used to it, so it seems shorter than it seemed in kindergarten."

— James Durham

PMG PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Colin Denney"You might need to read for longer and maybe you have to do harder things (like) draw more high quality pictures. … Maybe (I) could help them."

— Colin Denney

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