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Junior lineman Ryan Seth is first team on both sides of the ball and co-Lineman of the Year

TIDINGS FILE PHOTO - West Linn junior lineman Ryan Seth won first-team all-league honors on both sides of the ball and was named co-Lineman of the Year honors for 2018.The West Linn football team wanted to prove that it was the best all year.

The Lions battled the state's best, the Three Rivers League's best and the playoffs' best before finally falling to Sheldon in the Class 6A state quarterfinals.

Thanks to their efforts, the Lions saw players amass nine berths on the 2018 all-Three Rivers League first team, their efforts highlighted by the selection of junior lineman Ryan Seth as a two-way first-teamer and the TRL's co-Offensive Lineman of the Year.

"Ryan Seth is one of the most dominant two-way players in the state," said West Linn coach Chris Miller. "(He was) our best offensive and defensive lineman."

Joining Seth on the all-TRL first team for offense were senior wide receiver Cade Knutson, junior wide receiver Casey Tawa and senior running back Dawson Jolley.

Knutson led his team with 62 catches for 1,043 yards and 10 touchdowns, while Tawa came through with 63 catches for 904 yards and eight scores. Jolley, meanwhile, piled up 1,572 yards and 22 TDs on just 182 carries — good for 8.7 yards per carry and 143.2 yards per game.

"Dawson Jolley is simply one of the top three or four running backs in the state," Miller said. "(He) combined for over 1,000 yards in just the last four games. An extremely dynamic explosive player."

On the defensive side of the ball, Lions' first-teamers included Seth, senior inside linebacker Brian MacClanathan, senior outside linebacker Elijah Ntsasa, Tawa — the team's other two-way first-team pick — at cornerback and senior Max Jacobs at safety.

MacClanathan tied for the team lead in tackles with 115 (including 7.5 for loss with 2.5 sacks and one interception), Ntsasa had 90 tackles (3.5 for loss), Seth made 47 stops (12 for loss, including five sacks), Tawa made 41 tackles (one for loss with one interception) and Jacobs had 90 tackles (6 for loss and two interceptions).


First Team

Wide Receivers: Thomas Dukart, jr., Lake Oswego; Cade Knutson, sr., West Linn; Andre Martinez, sr., Lakeridge; Casey Tawa, jr., West Linn.

Tight End: John Miller, jr., Tualatin.

Tackles: Isaia Porter, sr., Tigard; Quinn McCarthy, sr., Tualatin; Tanner Hall, sr., Lake Oswego.

Guards: Ryan Bertelsen, sr., Lake Oswego; Zach Zumwalt, jr., Oregon City; Mahmud Mustafa, sr., Tigard; Johnny Nomani, jr., Tigard.

Centers: Ryan Seth, jr., West Linn; Dane Norlin, sr., Tualatin.

Quarterbacks: Jackson Laurent, sr., Lake Oswego; Charlie Maynes, sr., Lakeridge.

Running Backs: Casey Filkins, jr., Lak Oswego; Zakhayas Dennis-Lee, sr., Oregon City; Jalen John, jr., Lakeridge; Dawson Jolley, sr., West Linn; Malcolm Stockdale, sr., Tigard.

Fullback: Kyle Kamp, sr., Tualatin.

Placekicker: Kyle Dernedde, sr., Tualatin.

Punter: Kyle Dernedde, sr., Tualatin.

Kick Returner: Zakhayas Dennis-Lee, sr., Oregon City.

Player of the Year — Casey Filkins, Lake Oswego

Linemen of the Year — Isaia Porter, Tigard; Ryan Seth, West Linn

Coach of the Year — Steve Coury, Lake Oswego

Second Team

Wide Receivers: Luke Ness, sr., Tigard; Calvin Green, jr., Oregon City; Will Scadden, sr., Lakeridge.

Tight End: Marshal McGuire, jr., Lake Oswego.

Tackles: Tiger Shanks, jr., Lake Oswego; Brian MacClanathan, sr., West Linn.

Guard: Zach Ashcraft, sr., West Linn.

Center: Mo Linver, sr., Lake Oswego.

Quarterbacks: Drew Carter, so., Tigard; Ethan Long, sr., West Linn.

Running Back: Dominique Loggins, sr., Tualatin.

Fullback: Fletcher Ahl, sr., Tigard.

Placekicker: Jackson Cleaver, jr., Tigard.

Punter: Ethan Long, sr., West Linn.

Kick Returner: Andre Martinez, sr., Lakeridge.

Honorable Mention

Wide Receivers: Jazz Ross, sr., Tigard; Jett Searle, sr., Tualatin; Caden Dickson, sr., Tualatin; Jake Mastrandrea, sr., West Linn; Jahleel Heath, so., Oregon City; Jack O'Brien, sr., Lake Oswego; Joe Hutson, jr., Lake Oswego; Tanner Moore, sr., West Linn; Xander Houck, sr., Lakeridge; Luke Marion, jr., Tualatin.

Tight Ends: George O'Brien, sr., Lake Oswego; Damiko Tidmore, jr., West Linn; Noah Jackman, sr., Tigard.

Tackles: Keoni Hepa, jr., Lakeridge; Isaiah Cook, sr., Oregon City; Brock Duyck, sr., Oregon City; Luke Popma, jr., West Linn; T.J. Jakmauh, jr., Lakeridge; Bret Gydesen, jr., Tualatin; Hayden McDonald, sr., Tigard.

Guards: Thomas Mitchell, sr., Canby; Eric Reilly, jr., Lakeridge; Broc Riskey, jr., Oregon City; Cody Van Meter, jr., Tualatin; Gavin Moore, sr., Tualatin.

Centers: Kai Tinker, jr., Lakeridge; Kale Sorensen, sr., Oregon City; Mitchell Cross, sr., Tigard.

Quarterback: Colby Iverson, sr., Oregon City.

Running Back: Collin Bracken, sr., Lake Oswego.

Placekicker: Christian Ferreyra, so., Oregon City; Max Chandler, sr., Lakeridge.

Punters: Fletcher Ahl, sr., Tigard; Max Chandler, sr., Lakeridge.

Kick Returners: Max Lenzy, jr., Tigard; Matthew Sebolsky, sr., Lake Oswego; Jake Anderson, sr., Tualatin; Ethan Loun, jr., West Linn.


First Team

Linemen: Isaia Porter, sr., Tigard; Ryan Seth, jr., West Linn; Mike Mercep, sr., Lake Oswego; Marshal McGuire, jr., Lake Oswego; Dane Norlin, sr., Tualatin; Javier John, sr., Lakeridge; Noah Jackman, sr., Tigard.

Inside Linebackers: John Miller, jr., Tualatin; Gabe Deville, sr., Lake Oswego; Brian MacClanathan, sr., West Linn; Mitchell Cross, sr., Tigard.

Outside Linebackers: Keenan DeRaeve, sr., Lake Oswego; Elijah Ntsasa, sr., West Linn; Zakhayas Dennis-Lee, sr., Oregon City; Jazz Ross, sr., Tigard; Kyle Kamp, sr., Tualatin.

Cornerbacks: Max Lenzy, jr., Tigard; Joe Hutson, jr., Lake Oswego; Casey Tawa, jr., West Linn; Matthew Sebolsky, sr., Lake Oswego.

Safeties: Thomas Dukart, jr., Lake Oswego; Max Jacobs, sr., West Linn; Jett Searle, sr., Tualatin.

Players of the Year — Max Lenzy, Tigard; John Miller, Tualatin

Linemen of the Year — Isaia Porter, Tigard; Mike Mercep, Lake Oswego

Second Team

Linemen: Mahmud Mustafa, sr., Tigard; Jake Reser, jr., Tualatin; Keoni Hepa, jr., Lakeridge.

Inside Linebackers: Bryson Breeze, sr., Lake Oswego; Ty Glumbik, jr., Lakeridge.

Outside Linebacker: Fletcher Ahl, sr., Tigard.

Cornerbacks: Dawson Jolley, sr., West Linn; Caden Dickson, sr., Tualatin.

Safeties: Luke Marion, jr., Tualatin; Finn Reeves, sr., Lakeridge; Hunter Daskalos, sr., Lakeridge.

Honorable Mention

Linemen: Stephen Rue, sr., Canby; Mario Pronnarongvat, sr., Lake Oswego; Johnny Nomani, jr., Tigard; Damiko Tidmore, jr., West Linn; Brock Duyck, sr., Oregon City; Kale Sorensen, sr., Oregon City; Anthony Treadwell, sr., Oregon City; Miles Lewis, sr., Lake Oswego; Adrian Sandoval, jr., West Linn; Cody Van Meter, jr., Tualatin; Gavin Moore, sr., Tualatin; Lucas Cloyd, so., Oregon City.

Inside Linebackers: Carter Dennis, sr., Tigard; Cole Peters, sr., West Linn; Garrett Boespflug, sr., Tualatin; Kegan Kmetic, sr., Oregon City; Chris Todd, sr., Lake Oswego; Jackson McGinley, sr., Lakeridge; Hunter Manassero, sr., Oregon City; Josh Boespflug, jr., Tualatin.

Outside Linebackers: Casey Smith, sr., Lakeridge; Cole Lundmark, jr., Oregon City; Chase Fletcher, jr., West Linn.

Cornerbacks: Andre Martinez, sr., Lakeridge; Josh Burns, jr., Tigard; Jared Bartunek, sr., Lakeridge; Tanner Moore, jr., West Linn; Caiden Biege-Wetherbee, jr., Lakeridge; Cade McCarty, jr., Tualatin.

Safeties: Spencer Kuffel, so., Tigard; Brodie Corrigan, sr., West Linn; Austin Canchola, jr., Oregon City; Dylan Burch, sr., Tigard.

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